How to become a Demon Lord: The Former Hero's Journey as a Demon Lord!
How to become a Demon Lord: The Former Hero's Journey as a Demon Lord!

How to become a Demon Lord: The Former Hero's Journey as a Demon Lord!

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How to become a Demon Lord: The Former Hero's Journey as a Demon Lord! novel is a popular light novel covering Harem, Fantasy, Action, Romance, Adventure genres. Written by the author D_RegalInsomniac. 270 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


How isityou goabout defining good and evil? Aquestion that has plagued the mind ofour protagonist ever since hewas born.

Floid, ayoung man born onearth suddenly finds himself transported into aworld ofmagic and demons after playing the mysterious game 'Rivalle'. But inthis world, heisreincarnated asademon instead ofthe regular hero heplayed as.

Join Floid ashepaves his own path inthis new world asademons while facing suspicion for looking just like the greatest enemy ofthe demons, the hero.


I’d like toput this here for all those who will beinterested inreading. This book isnot the sort ofnovel where the main character goes around taking all the abilities inthe world for himself. Nor would itbeabook where only the main character has screen time and weonly focus onwhat he’s doing ashegoes around saving damsels indistress. Iwant towrite anovel where all the characters have their personalities and trials. The readers donot have tolove only the MCsince all the characters have something worth relating to, they can like any ofthe characters.

There will bepowers that the MCcannot have (Ever) and people the MCcannot fight (For now). Things will happen outside ofthe MC’s control and hemight never even know aboutit. Ifthings like these aren’t toyour liking, orifyou want abook where you just watch the MCrun around and spawn crazy skills mindlessly, then this book might not beforyou. But ifyou can stay with meonthis journey, Ipromise towrite something you’ll love.

This book will beamix ofmagic, kingdom building and anabsurdly interesting cast ofcharacters. Everything that they dowill beperfectly explained and all questions are welcome. Just like always, Iwill make adiscord for usall tomeet and see our favorite characters soon!

I’m currently working hard tocorrect some spelling errors insome chapters, soifyou see any unfixed errors, please bear withme. Current Progress— Chapter19.

Please note, the harem will not bebeyond five members and they will all bedemon girls. The main character has adistaste for human nature and sohewill not have any special relationship with any ofthem other than occasional sex.

Thank you and see you inside!

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