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Hokage Master

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Hokage Master novel is a popular light novel covering Adult, Mature, Fantasy, Romance, Action, Harem genres. Written by the author Raizen. 475 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


The Fourth Shinobi World War is over. All enemies are defeated. Finally, a long peace reigned in... Read more
The Fourth Shinobi World War is over. All enemies are defeated. Finally, a long peace reigned in all countries.The Seventh Hokage laid down his arms and lost all his Youth Power. One dream, the goal for which he spent his whole life, has been achieved. His path is over. Is this really the end? Could it end so easily?What if the Savior of this World turns into an arrogant and cunning ruler?Perhaps no one would ever have been able to predict such a result. On that day, everything changed…Countries, riches and power, the most beautiful women and their young daughters — he will subdue them all! The Seventh Hokage with the strength capable of conquering the heavens chose a different path, now he will take everything for himself and pave the way to absolute world domination! Collapse
R-18, Transmigration, System, Fanfiction, Naruto, Special Abilities, Strong to Stronger, Overpowered Protagonist, Netori, Male Protagonist, Politics, Polygamy, Handsome Male Lead, Strong from the Start, Incest, Rape, Master-Servant Relationship, S*ave Harem
It is very good
And Himawari is ten...
I don't mean Himawari
I mean other characters and the depravity of the mc
Obviously a retard like you, who soy about ''moh racismo in chinese novels'' is aroused by 10 year old childrens. Every single time.
So speaking against racism is bad? Just look at your profile name, it's obvious who is the soy boy. And saying I'm aroused by 10-year-old children? If you have balls then come in IRL say that to me, don't project your own inner desires into others, I'm not like you. If you think speaking against racism is bad and cringe, then it shows how your character is, you may think it's okey to be racist against other groups but what if that happens to you or your family?''EnjoyerWincest14'' wth is this name... I don't even need to argue anymore your name is enough
Sit down ******, you know very well that you will never come to my country and I don't even know where you live, so threatening to fight with a guy who probably lives thousands of kilometers away from you on a website where there is no information to track you down could be funny if it wasn't pathetic and typical of the worthless piece of garbage that you areWhen you jerk off and say nice things about literally pedophile stories, it would be wise to shut your mouth and stop crying about Chinese and Korean authors who express ethnocentrism and simple disdain for other peoples in their stories.A racist is a better person than you.
ok buddy shut up now I don't want to argue anymore
Translation is bad , more than Mtl bad.
Terrible novel and borderline unreadable thanks to the translation(?) or the author himself, and listen, i'm not one of those moralplebs who look down on these kinds of novels, its just that the writing is straight bad."Come on man, talking about writing in a r18 novel?" Yes, not because of the gotta catch them all part or the over-the-top sex scenes, but because of how every single girl ends up becoming the exact same turboslut character, literally, the endgame of every girl up until ch158 is pretending to be normal in front of others then become a generic braindead whore during sex scenes, also the main character is naruto, it just feels off everytime.
Only reading for the R-18 scenes
Just read it...Don't ask more. But beware that even Himawari isn't spared.
That right there is a spoiler. And this right here https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/age-of-consent-by-country is age of constent in the world right now. It start from 11.
That spoiler is kinda necessary... Most people aren't into that...And about that age of consent thing... Relax bro.
Oh, shit. My bad mate. I forgot to put a laugh emoji at the end. I didn't mean to sound like a karen About the age of consent. I just want to let people know, that different cultures exist not only in novels but in reality as well.
thats disgusting
where can i find raw?
If you google you will find the pdf in Russian
many chapters blocked, where can I find them all available?I tried this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Wjfs68Zez89nf05E4SX01riHIcw40FbF, but it didn't work, it's either broken or fake
Hey hey hey good one
The only Naruto fanfiction which worth it is The Last Prayer by Graefoxx.It’s well written and r-18 scenes and plot are extrordinary and smart.A must read absolutly
Where is it?
Horny idiot is reborn in Boruto as Naruto with system. What to expect:Mc who only thinks with his dick.He doesn't mind keeping up appearances and behaves like a cliché young master.Lolicon good scenes r-18.That is all.
best comment lol
Tell me if theres a code on that pic

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