High School: Way to Forever
High School: Way to Forever

High School: Way to Forever

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High School: Way to Forever novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Mystery, Comedy, School Life genres. Written by the author Amaira_Knight. 443 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


From being betrothed atthe age often, betrayed byher lover, toseeing her brother dying infront ofher eyes, Anna suffered everything atthe age ofthirteen!

But atlast, she chose toleave the underworld and live her life asanormal human being. Her heart’s door isclosed because ofwhatever happened inthe past.

Onthe other hand isAlex, famous for being the playboy ofthe school but unknown toall ofthem, heisdeeply rooted inher past and her 'named' fiance.

Who exactly ishe?! Noone has any idea about it, except being feared inthe whole school.

What happens when they both come together tofulfill her bucket list but end upfalling for each other?

Isthis accepted bysociety?

Isher love ahurdle onthe way toher revenge for her brother’s death?!

And most important, how will Anna react when she gets toknow that Alex isnot someone she knew all along?

Let usread and know about what Anna faces inthe line ofUnderworld and love when responsibility comes onher shoulders atanearly age?!

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