Hidden genius: Black belly snake
Hidden genius: Black belly snake

Hidden genius: Black belly snake

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Hidden genius: Black belly snake novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Josei genres. Written by the author Yolohy. 416 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Betrayed byher entire family, Tang Yue, the seventh princess ofthe snake clan, was betrothed tothe tyrannical Elven prince, who isknown for his blood lust and cold-blooded murders.

Heiseven rumored tohave killed several concubines mercilessly.

Deemed asapiece ofuseless baggage and now tossed aside asapolitical chip, Tang Yue braved herself for the new torturous life that awaited her.

Asifthis was not enough, someone mysteriously poisoned her inthe betrothal ceremony.

But akin toaslap inthe face, that poison actually turned around Tang Yue’s pathetic life!

Poisonous fruits? Sure give mesome. Ineed tosnack anyways.

Deadly toxin? Sure. Mythroat isabit parched.

Heh. Now you want toactually cut medown? Sure. You just have toslash past this thick skin!

The lowly beast that had invoked its innate ability toevolve silently resolved toconquer the heavens. And ofcourse, she had amaster… ahem… system tohelp her along theway!

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