Haven Online
Haven Online

Haven Online

262Chapters 6.9KViews 32Bookmarked Completed Status

Haven Online novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Game, Action, Comedy, Yaoi genres. Written by the author Momocatt. 262 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Yin Xinya’s death was such acosmic joke that hegot asecond chance todoitagain.

Inthe past, his life and death was atragic mess, but heswears this time everything will change. Watch asXinya becomes the most coveted person inHaven Online.

«Why are you learning cooking? It’s just awaste ofaskill point.»

«Your learning potions?! Are you daft there nopoint indoing that.»

«Why did you pick that trash class? You will never make itinthis game.»

Xinya just ignored everyone, with aknowing smile hejust paid them nomind because heknew they would beeating their words soon.

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