Harem Reborn
Harem Reborn

Harem Reborn

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Harem Reborn novel is a popular light novel covering Adult, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Mecha, Smut, Romance, Action genres. Written by the author Magic_. 297 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


This story happens after and during the events inShould Have Let MeDie, and Rule: The Blood Servant System starts. You can read them inany order since the story lines docatch up.

Ondeath, Dave has transported into anew world and finds out hehas been playing agame. With only memories ofhis horrible past, Things look upwhen henotices aflashing icon inhis sights.

Memories ofhis previous life are all hehas togoon, but Destiny guides him toreconnect with strangers from past lives and start him onanother journey tosave more lost souls. Slowly the memories with each woman reconnect and help Dave get back the experiences helost while forming new connections and relationships along the way.

Welcome toReborn! Aplace ofinfinite lifetimes inworlds and planes thought only tobeplaces drawn from imagination.

Join Dave, Lavender, Tilly, and all the rest ontheir adventure through worlds and asthey meet new friends and experiences new systems!

This book series ispart ofthe Reborn Collection

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