Gamer Superstar
Gamer Superstar

Gamer Superstar

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Gamer Superstar novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy genres. Written by the author NunuXD. 165 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Noah Black, a young man with an abusive father who had no opportunities in life, condemned to live a substandard life because of his father's mistakes.

Noah Black from the parallel universe, a marginalized, obese young man with social problems and a somewhat problematic but loving family, but who couldn't live long because of the mistakes he made.

When Noah 1's mind enters Noah 2's body with a Gamer System, the path to becoming the biggest superstar in this new world begins.

Is that body fat? I work out with the system and in a few days I have the perfect body!

Is my family poor? With my knowledge of my other world, I can make easy money!

Is this face ugly? With System I can look beautiful without plastic surgery!

Do I sing badly? In a few days, the System will transform my voice into the voice of an angel.

Do I act badly? In a few days, the System will make me an Oscar-worthy actor.

I can learn anything I want!

"Rising to the top was like a game, and now I have become the Final Boss of the entire world!" -Noah Black.

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