For The Glory Of Sitia Empire
For The Glory Of Sitia Empire

For The Glory Of Sitia Empire

125Chapters 2.1KViews 17Bookmarked Ongoing Status

For The Glory Of Sitia Empire novel is a popular light novel covering Historical, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Romance genres. Written by the author faithful_jelly. 125 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Driven by his pride, Shianl decided to repay a favour he never asked for.

{Our unwillingness does not change the fact that we are gratified by your actions. Thus, we shall requite whatever been acquired equally}

And so, Shainl was reborn as the first son of Sitia Empire's ruler [Lennox]. However, he faced many troubles trying to balance his new fragile human body and the immense magical energy in his soul. By using the most suitable solution, Shianl sealed his powers temporarily, resulting in a slight leak of his pheromones. As a honourable being, Shainl's pheromones are a prove if his superiority. Deeply installing fear and submission in other living beings.

Now that he has become the cursed crown prince to his subjects, Shianl's mission was proceeding leisurely as he wished to. Until he stumbled upon an unidentified weird young girl.

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