Fallen Lightbringers' Return
Fallen Lightbringers' Return

Fallen Lightbringers' Return

93Chapters 2KViews 22Bookmarked Completed Status

Fallen Lightbringers' Return novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Fantasy genres. Written by the author Hyowha. 93 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


One day, amechanical voice appeared inall ofhumanities head: [survive].

Dungeons started tosurface, Historical Figures reappeared, Gods had turned real, and ordinary people gained the supernatural ability torule the newera. However, they could not beat The Shadow.

Insuch world, The Lightbringer, Lee Dojin had sacrificed everything… and perished right onNew Year. Upon his death, the dungeons called him once more, and hewarped toanother universe where the apocalypse hadn’t sarted yet; auniverse 20 yearsago. This time hewould not beThe Lightbringer, instead, he’d walk the path ofshadows.

…he’d become acontroller ofparallel universes.

Only heknows the end ofthis world. Only hehas seen the end ofauniverse. With this new chance, can heturn around the life hehad once forfeited?

«Child ofThe Shadow, there isanother world waiting for you.»

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