Evolution: A Warlock's Rise To Power
Evolution: A Warlock's Rise To Power

Evolution: A Warlock's Rise To Power

295Chapters 2.4KViews 35Bookmarked Completed Status

Evolution: A Warlock's Rise To Power novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Game, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy genres. Written by the author Dao_Of_Fiction. 295 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


His life changes when hediscovers aunique magic and suddenly becomes adirect subordinate ofafalse god inapopular VRMMO. Hebecomes one ofthe few who can sell warlock spells and abilities toother players and NPCs. With aterritory torule hehas toconstantly get stronger and develop his own strength ifhewants tostay ontop.

This isaVRMMO story about awarlock who makes aplace for himself inavirtual world bybecoming an«arms dealer». Hesells shadow magic, mental magic, and his own unique ethereal magic toearn more power from his patron. There issome action, abit ofcomedy, apinch ofworld building, and asplash ofromance. Join Lucan onhis rise topower ashedevelops while adventuring through the many realms inside the game «Evolution».

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