Earth’s Doom Starts with… Me?
Earth’s Doom Starts with… Me?

Earth’s Doom Starts with… Me?

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Earth’s Doom Starts with… Me? novel is a popular light novel covering Mystery, Action, Romance, Fantasy, Adventure genres. Written by the author mozza_mello. 142 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Yoo Chaerin, a24-year old con-artist, opened her eyes inanunfamiliar place only tobegreeted bythis message.

«What isthis place? I’m sure this isearth but itfeels… different.» She thought toherself.

«Why iseverything sobarren? Why dowehave horses instead ofcars? And armored soldiers fighting monsters? …With magic?»

Here, Yoo Chaerin will have toface anearth that’s totally different from the earth she once knew.
Anearth where everyone has missions like inthat ofagame.
Anearth where monsters terrorize every single human being.
Anearth where everyone speaks the same language.
Itiswhere she has tofind her place tobelong.

«I’ll survive. And one day, I’ll find him and make him remember me.»

Inaworld where everyone can use the system, how will Yoo Chaerin survive? Who isthis 'him' she’s talking about? And what ifshe’s not just your run-off-the-mill con-artist?

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