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Delve novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Drama, Action genres. Written by the author SenescentSoul. 266 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Summary— Level 1:

Delve isanisekai litrpg that follows anaverage guy who just happened towake upinaforest oneday. Hewasn’t summoned todefeat the demon lord ortosave the world oranything like that, atleast asfar ashecan tell. The only creature there togreet him was aregular old squirrel.

Soon enough, hemeets other people, only todiscover that hecan’t speak the language, and that not everybody immediately trusts random pajama-wearing strangers they met inthe middle ofthe wilderness. Things generally godownhill from there, atleast until the blue boxes start appearing.

Delve isastory about finding your way inanew, strange, and dangerous world. It’s about avoiding death, figuring out what the heck isgoing on, and trying tomake some friends along theway. It’s not about getting home, somuch asfinding anew one.

Did Imention that there will bemath?

Summary— Level 2:

Okay, but what are you infor, really?

Well, this story issupposed toberealistic, oratleast, asrealistic asafantasy litrpg canbe. The main character doesn’t instantly become anall-powerful god and murder-hobo his way across the universe. Delve is, atits heart, aprogression fantasy, but that progression ismeant tofeel earned. The numbers inthis story actually mean something. Everything iscalculated, and ifyou find arounding error, Iexpect you totell meaboutit. That said, ifmath isn’t your cup oftea, there isplenty more that the story has tooffer. Characters are meant tofeel real, and progression isn’t only about personal power; it’s also about allies, connections, and above all, knowledge. Figuring out how the system works isasignificant theme.

What, you want more details? Okay, fine, but this isgoing toget abit spoiler-y. Are you sure?


Really sure? Imean, this summary ispractically half aslong asthe first chap–


Okay, okay!

The main character becomes amagic user, but hetakes aroute that isnot very popular inadventurer culture, namely that ofasupport. There isafull magic system with various spells, skills, and abilities, but our MCdecides that aura magic isthe way togo, and that the only stat worth investing inismana regeneration. Most people atthe Adventurer’s Guild think that this makes him abit ofadumbass, but he’s playing the long game. We’ll see how that works out for him, won’t we?

Because ofhis build, the MClevels upfast, atleast compared tonormal people. There are nocheats, though, and heislimited inother ways. There are some clear and pretty obvious downsides tohis build. That’s what makes itfun, no?

Morals? Our MChas them. Again, we’ll see how that works out forhim. Realism, remember? Would you beokay with killing someone and looting their body? Isure hope not.

POV? The focus isonthe main character, but there will beoccasional varying perspectives from people around him, orinvolved inthe events related tothe main plot. Itisn’t going tojump all over the place.

Tech isstandard medieval stasis. Nosmartphones, but the MCdoes have atechnical background. Computers and their programming might beinvolved. There might even beabit ofuplifting down the road, who knows? Anyway, itisn’t the focus. Heisn’t going toinvent the gun inchapter 1 and change the face ofwarfare.

Romance isnot amajor focus. Friendships are more the name ofthe game, though there will besome characters inromantic relationships.

There isexploration, though not asmuch ofthe geographical nature asyou might expect. Itismore about exploration ofthe system and the culture.

The pace isslow and detailed, sometimes verging onslice-of-life. The action ismeant toberealistic and grounded inthe numbers, and itisintended tohave meaning beyond simply punching things until they stop moving.

The general tone ofthe story isgrey, and some parts can get quite dark. Peopledie. Sometimes, people with names, but not anywhere near GoT level. There isplenty oflight, too, though, tobalance the darkness. The world isdangerous, but overcoming that danger iswhy we’re all here, isn’t it?

Anyway, ifyou’ve made itthis far through the summary, you clearly like words. Ihope you enjoy the story!

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