Chaos Devourer System
Chaos Devourer System

Chaos Devourer System

158Chapters 25.9KViews 224Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Chaos Devourer System novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, Fantasy genres. Written by the author Supreme_IQ. 158 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


In a future timeline...The entire world underwent a heaven-defying change as planet Earth was forcefully shifted away from the Milky Way Galaxy to another Galaxy by some unknown forces.A New Galaxy completely out of their wildest imagination.A new type of cosmic energy known as Mana invaded Earth, transforming its very essence as the world witnessed its regular norm shattered into pieces.The cosmic energy entered into the human body as it forcefully awakened new genes in them which were once thought to be a myth.The world's rules were forcefully changed as it became a place where only getting stronger mattered and only those with the most powerful genes were worthy of respect.The strength of humanity grew and so did their curiousness making them emerge out of Earth and explore the new universe but they were shocked by what they saw.Powerful alien races who were far beyond them in technology and comprehension of Mana, world-devouring existence, unexplored worlds, and cosmos.This Universe was simply boundless and the word “impossible” does not exist.The story follows a young man named Zeras Celestria, a descendant of one of the Nine Families who was deemed trash and sold out to a dark force that uses humans for experiments, due to his inability to awaken the Celestria family's powerful A-grade Lightning Hammer Gene, and instead awakened the trashy F-grade Multi-colored hair gene.Thrown into a pile of dead bodies who were deemed experimental failures and life slowly seeped away from him.Zeras clenched his teeth tightly as a mad taste for revenge flickered in the depth of his eyes, but also with a tint of helplessness.That was until...“Congratulations.”“Host has been blessed by Chaos.”“Host has successfully awakened SSS-grade Chaos Devouring Gene.”Armed with an SSS-grade Gene and an undying will for revenge.Zeras embarked on a path to becoming the strongest and dominating the limitless universe.A path many embarked on but none ever succeeded.-- -- --A Future Scene...“Look Into My Eyes, What do you see...” A young man, with white hairs like the purest snow, pairs of lips redder than blood, and a face crafted by perfection itself.Yet those eyes, no they couldn't be called so... They were instead unending black-hole of...“I see Death, Madness, Pain, And...”“Yes, I'm The Last Embodiment Of Chaos...”

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