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Changeling novel is a popular light novel covering Sci-fi, Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Josei genres. Written by the author Mecanimus. 55 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Magic came to our world. Portals opened all across the planet, releasing mana and dangerous monsters on the unsuspecting population.

Wonder turned to horror. Society was on the verge of collapse, until heroes rose to face the catastrophe. Those fearless men and women wielded the power of mana to enter the portal worlds, plundering their treasures and slaying beasts bullets barely harmed.

Through their efforts and sacrifices, mankind stepped into the future. They were called users, or raiders, and they became the champions of mankind.

That was more than sixty years ago. Now mana users represent almost a fifth of mankind's surviving population.

Nestra isn't one of them.

She was born without a core. In the new city of Threshold, baseline humans like her are being forced out of law enforcement. MaxSec is one of their last holdouts and Nestra, one of its last members, but it cannot last. With Nestra addicted to mana and her job one of the only chances at getting close to portals, she is heading for disaster. Threshold is a mighty city dominated by corpos and powerful users. It takes very little to become collateral damage, unless Nestra can finally figure out what's wrong with her, of course.

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