Celestial Peak
Celestial Peak

Celestial Peak

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Celestial Peak novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy, Xianxia, Adventure genres. Written by the author Simple_Dynasty. 589 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Wang Ling was the strongest and that’s irrefutable!

Hewas the strongest ofall the being inthe world but was never satisfied with anything heaccomplished.

Heslew aCelestial Emperor with one hit, annihilated the Yellow Dragon Monastery, eradicated the Vile Devil Dragons and many more ofhis feats had been recorded inthe annals ofhistory.

Hewas revered asthe strongest and asthe insurmountable mountain ofthe realm. Yet, hegave upall ofthese when helost his life after choosing toopen the scriptures that killed every Celestial inthe world and broke the chains ofthe realm.

With his life essence depleted and cultivation broken, heturned into dust and was sucked into the scriptures heused todestroy the chains.

The next thing heknew, when heopened his eyes again, the era was already different and the world was not the same, the rules and the laws ofthe world were changed and the spirit qiwere altered.


Idestroyed myera and Iawakened inthe next.

The realm had changed but its ruler will never change.

Ihave given them enough time toenjoy the seat ofthe strongest, but now that Iamawake Iamready toreclaim what ismine and finally witness what isbeyond the clouds.

This time, Iwill reach the peak and destruction shall follow upon mywake.


This story will not revolve inromance where the MCwill hunt for awoman hecan fuck! (thank you for understanding.)

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