Because I simply love you
Because I simply love you

Because I simply love you

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Because I simply love you novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Mystery, Josei genres. Written by the author enthu_reader. 524 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


From the outside, Nana’s life seemed simple. She had everything she had ever wanted: a cute but rascally pair of twin brothers, a best friend, and her own restaurant. Nana couldn’t ask for anything more; she was happy and content in her life.

One day by chance, Nana meets Madam Chen of the second most prestigious Chen family who instantly liked her for her son, Chen Jianyu.

But this one meeting turned Nana’s simple life into a hell of a rollercoaster. Amidst all the twists, when the time came to announce Nana and Chen Jianyu’s engagement in the Chen’s celebration banquet, someone from the shadows planned the biggest conspiracy that woke Nana to the biggest horror of her life.

What will happen next?

One thing is for sure. Nothing is as simple as it seems to be.

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