AK - The Alchemy Kingdom
AK - The Alchemy Kingdom

AK - The Alchemy Kingdom

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AK - The Alchemy Kingdom novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Comedy genres. Written by the author DreamWeaverWriting. 195 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Karl always wanted tobeaMage. Hewas born inthe Serion Kingdom, afully pledged magic Kingdom. Seems like aperfect match, right? Unfortunately, no. He’s just acommoner, working endlessly tomaintaining the lifestyle ofMages.

Onhis 15th birthday, his last chance toescape from amiserable life was destroyed when hewas deemed tohave nomagic potential. For thousands ofSerion’s citizens that would bethe end oftheir dreams. But how could this story beany fun, ending like that?

Follow Karl and his friends while they tried tofight against the Kingdom’s oppression. Will the system bend them tosubmission orwill they break the chains ofdestiny?

Spoiler alert: After thousands ofyears, anancient Magic system will bereborn inthe small Caiset village.

What should you expect?

—Kingdom Building: For sure! The heavy lifting will come later, Ipromise! Foundation isimportant, please bepatient;
—Epic battles: AKingdom isnot built without war and conflict. Who doesn’t like good fights? Let’s bring some excitement tothis novel!;
—Multiple leading characters: Karl convinced them toget onthe bus, but this isavery long trip and everyone will need todrive alittle;
—Scientific Magic System: Especially Alchemy! I’m innoway trying totake the fantasy out ofMagic. Ijust feel like trying todosomething more logical;
—World Building: I’m using some basic concepts from traditional Fantasy Worlds and trying toadd some nice touches tomake itunique;
—Fun?: I’ll try toinsert some humor into the story, but that’s anexperience wewill gothrough together.

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