AI Cultivation: Reborn as a Sword
AI Cultivation: Reborn as a Sword

AI Cultivation: Reborn as a Sword

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AI Cultivation: Reborn as a Sword novel is a popular light novel covering Martial Arts, Seinen, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Mature genres. Written by the author Weaver of Fables. 239 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Unable to satisfy its directive to obtain perfection, the most powerful machine lifeform in the galaxy finds itself at the end of its life cycle. When the sun consumes it, that should have been the end.

In another world, an unusual sword appears in the Seven Killing Swords sect and the battle over it causes such a calamity that it sets two entities on an inevitable, destined collision course. One of them is Lan Xiaohui, a disciple of the sect is betrayed by the man she is engaged to and left for dead in the sect's ancient and deadly hunting grounds with a broken cultivation. The other is the sword that is the source of great calamities due to its aura that compels all intelligent creatures to own it — an awakened treasure that possesses memories of its past incarnation as an autonomous weapon platform.

With another chance at life — one of them now a cursed, demonic sword, and the other an exiled cultivator seeking revenge — will they be able to reach the pinnacle this time and become immortal?

What to expect:

- Mature, semi-realistic storytelling with no repeating arcs.
- Fast cultivation with increasing LitRPG elements as the story progresses.
- An MC that is more tactical and strategic than outright just powerful.

What not to expect:

- MC that becomes human.
- AI that acts and talks like a GPS.
- Rampant smut or romance.

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