After Being Bent by Reader
After Being Bent by Reader

After Being Bent by Reader


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After Being Bent by Reader novel is a popular light novel covering Drama, Romance, Shoujo ai, Yuri genres. Written by the author Inverse Sign. 188 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


XuChuanchuan isayuri novel writer who firmly believes herself tobeasstraight asasteel pipe. Atone time, she even swore toherself, «Iwill never date myreaders!»

Afterward, XuChuanchuan inadvertently slept with the tycoon ranked first onher donation list.

Later on, XuChuanchuan found out that said tycoon turned out tobeher boss, and she regretted everything she had done.»

Reader: «The Lord has stopped regularly updating recently. Isshe busy?»

XuChuanchuan dared not reply truthfully tothis question. While enduring her aching back, she responded: «Ifeel unwell, soI’ll beskipping releases for aday. /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~»

XuChuanchuan had been living asweet and fulfilling life ever since she had secretly acquired apartner. However, itseems her body was becoming worse bytheday…

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