A Fallen Knight-Lost art of Necromancy
A Fallen Knight-Lost art of Necromancy

A Fallen Knight-Lost art of Necromancy

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A Fallen Knight-Lost art of Necromancy novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy, Fantasy, Romance genres. Written by the author _Daulla. 248 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Severus, ahandsome lad with ashy nature. Helived alife that could becalled 'non-exisistent, his interaction with the opposite sex was more orless 'non-existent' aswell, except for the crown prince’s fiancée, Melanie. That too because both ofthem were childhood friends.

But this didn’t last long, because Severus— was killed.

Previous life -----

Severus was the ex-general and Shadow Knight ofthe Rivera kingdom. Hewas aloyal and charming knight who performed his duties very well. Despite his looks, helived inthe shadow ofCrown Prince; Maverick, but destiny turned its wheel and the Crown prince’s fiancée fell inlove with Severus.

Betrayal, heartbreak, and jealousy surged inside him and Maverick planned anassassination for his best friend Severus.
Severus died inpain.

Hefelt betrayed and cheated byhis own sworn brother but heaccepted his fate and closed his eyes toaccept death. The next moment heheard something earth-shattering.

Nobody knows what Maverick told Severus but whatever itwas, itquestioned Severus’s existence.

«No, this can’t betrue—»

«Who amI?»

«What amI?»

«Who are myparents?»

«What was the reason behind myexistence?»

Severus died while these questions remained unanswered.

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