A Failure's hopeful Journey
A Failure's hopeful Journey

A Failure's hopeful Journey

353Chapters 3.3KViews 23Bookmarked Completed Status

A Failure's hopeful Journey novel is a popular light novel covering Harem, Comedy, Action, Supernatural genres. Written by the author THE_WORDSMITH. 353 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


You Xi Wang despises his life with extreme negative emotions, this caused a surge in negative energy which made a part of his soul gain sentience, which complied with his wishes took his entire soul to leave his body, and wander the multiverse.

In the vast multiverse, there was a planet called Metropia, where lived, You Xi Wang a 16 old boy, fell into a coma when he heard about his parents passing away in a car accident, leaving him and his elder sister. As his grief grows inside his heart You Xi Wang give into despair and his soul breaks.

That’s when You Xi Wang’s soul which was traveling in the multiverse happens to be nearby and resonates with the emotional surge and soul energy, in the end, it takes possession of both You Xi Wang’s body and life.

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