1453: Revival of Byzantium
1453: Revival of Byzantium

1453: Revival of Byzantium

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1453: Revival of Byzantium novel is a popular light novel covering Historical, Adventure, Action genres. Written by the author SaberFate. 452 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


AD1453, ayear that divides Medieval and Modern.
Caused bythe fall ofone city.
Her name isConstantinople.
Stood there for one thousand years.
Strong and firm asalways.
Persistent against all foes that dreamed totake her.
But tonight, everything changes.
The young sultan onthe outside.
And the old emperor onthe inside.
Guns fired, woman weeps, men yells.
They pray togod, for god will send them asaviour.
Tosave both the falling city, and their helpless souls.
Inthe twist ofhistory, god answered their call.
For god has sent them anew emperor.
Antonius, came from the seas.
Who shall lead the Romans.
Back toanother peak.
And end the terrible fate ofthe city.
Inthe year 1453.


AD1453, asthe city ofConstantinople prepares for its final fate, apirate captain and crew sailed into the golden horn, history made anabrupt turn from this point onward…

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