Zombie Apocalypse
Chapter 1919 Cloud Exiting Swordsman

Chapter 1919 Cloud Exiting Swordsman

Qin An was very busy. He trained as he walked.

His knowledge was indescribable. After living for so many years, what else did he not know?

At this time, the Ancient Chinese Official followed beside Qin An.

He almost sneaked out. The Gu family did not want him to leave the city, but he still came out.

Therefore, the female generals of the Gu Clan in the rear had already requested to go out to protect the ancient Lord Hua and received the Emperor's approval.

Once these female generals left, there was almost no one left in the large city behind them.

The Emperor of the Cloud Empire stood on the city wall and looked at the large team that was heading out of the city, his expression uncertain.

At this time, Qin An's expression was not too good either.

This brother-in-law was not well-behaved, and he had all kinds of questions, which made Qin An really not want to talk to him.

"Why do you want to marry my sister?"

"Don't you know that she hates to marry a woman?"

"You are actually willing to marry a woman who hates to marry? Is there another conspiracy?"

"What is the military boxing you asked them to practice?"

"How did you kill the five masters of the local area?"

"Chen Sheng is just a waiter of a hotel. What method did you use to make him so powerful?"

"Why do you have to go forward to repair the road again and again? Won't this affect the speed of progress?"

Qin An rolled his eyes, determined to find something for his brother-in-law to do.

Seeing the maids assigned by the Emperor beside him, Qin An smiled and pushed Gu Huajun to them. "I see a small river over there. Take the ancient general to wash up. Remember, you have to wash him personally. I don't want to smell the stinky sweat on his body again."

"Yes, Marshal."

Of course, the maids agreed, but the ancient Duke Hua was unwilling.

Qin An said coldly,

"I am the Grand Marshal of the Army. Now that I have left the city, I am the biggest. Do you want to violate the military order?"

As the saying went, military orders were like mountains. Even if the ancient Duke Hua was a playboy, he did not dare to disobey military orders.

Just like that, the reluctant Ancient Huajun was sent away, and a fragrant bath was waiting for him.

Finally, it was much more peaceful. Qin An called Xia Houjun, Cao Yong, Su Ce, and Fang Huatai to have a military meeting.

These four people actually had commander-in-chief talents. They were sent over to assist Qin An, and also to monitor the army here.

It was impossible for the Emperor not to guard against Qin An. If Qin An's actions were different, then these four people might immediately lead troops back and make Qin An become a commander of an army.

Therefore, the four of them had real power in their hands, but they were all very smart people, so they did not show their arrogance in front of Qin An. On the contrary, they were very cautious and humble.

Xiahou An opened the map and introduced,

"General, the place we are at is the corner of the sea. This is a mountain range extending out of the continent! It looks small on the map, but it is actually very large. It can only leave this place after traveling for at least a thousand miles. However, the area here has been occupied by enemy countries. If we want to leave this place, we have to break through all the cities in Luyao Country. This is almost impossible. We no longer have the strength to counterattack."

"Didn't we attack it out?"

"However, the strength of Luyao is still ten times greater than mine, and there are many talents. Although Wei Yang and the others are known as the five great experts, it is only because of their identity as generals. The true experts and generals of Luyao are not them. They are much more powerful."

"Yes, the number of people is already a problem that we can't avoid. Our soldiers are with the enemy. I have experienced a world where there is no law and slaughter. I have seen the true hearts of the people. There is no need to worry about this matter. Where will the ancient Blue Flower General arrive?"

"Yu Chan City, after occupying the city, the enemy's reinforcements will probably arrive. Because it should be the vanguard of Luyao Country, Jia Zhan."

"Is it powerful?"

"Amazing, he used the one-legged copper Renshuo. This thing weighs two hundred and thirty pounds, and ordinary generals can not use it at all. Therefore, Jia Zhanao has great strength, and it is said that no one has been able to stand up to him for three moves since his debut."

"Good, then let's start with him first. Such a powerful character, as long as he is insta-killed, it will inevitably arouse the enemy's fear. In addition, the matter of Wei Yang being killed will shake their morale. The army is moved, but the morale of our army is great. This is of course beneficial to us. What we have to do next is simple."

The four generals were all dumbfounded.

It was rumored that this person was arrogant, and now it seemed that it was true.

Jia Zhan! Ah! That is definitely a super expert. He wants to kill him in an instant? Is that possible? Does he think that Jia Zhan is on the same level as Wei Yang and the others?

At this time, Qin An was already looking at the map, as well as the cities in the enemy region and the formation of the troops.

Yu Chan, Liangjie, and Pingyao Three Cities will be occupied by the ancient blue flowers. After that, the enemy will come from the south, and the enemy will have Fanghua, Dongping Prefecture, Nanguo Prefecture, Lanhai, Han Tu, Purple Dress, Nanfang, Yaeger, Silu, and the other nine cities. How many people are there in these cities?

"Each city is hundreds of thousands, and the nine cities are millions."

"Well, it's good! It's a good strategy to use war to support war. Our battle is not a problem. With a wise man like Mu Nanxiang to govern the rear for us, I feel that everything is ready for the east wind. We won this battle!"


Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Qin An laughed, and the others all laughed.

It was too easy to say. He really didn't know where this person got his confidence from.

In fact, Qin An was really not arrogant. People who had been a master god naturally thought differently from these ordinary people.


Qin An brought shock to others while Weng Lan was shocked.

Long Shiyu was just sixteen years old, but her beautiful face was already enough to move women.

Weng Lan looked at Long Shiyu without any temper, even though she was kneeling down and calling herself elder sister.

"In the future, when younger sister enters the sect, I hope that elder sister will take good care of her. If there is anything that younger sister does not understand, elder sister will definitely point out the discipline. Younger sister will never complain."

"Oh. Get up quickly."


Weng Lan helped Long Shiyu up and looked at her with a slight frown.


She wanted to say that she was not Qin An's wife, but after thinking about it, she decided to forget about it.

Just like what Qin An said, in this world, she only had Qin An and nothing.

No matter what, he couldn't throw Qin An away. If he had the title of first wife, it would definitely be beneficial.

Humph, Qin An, this pervert, had so many wives in Apocalyptic city's world. Now that he was in this world, what did he want to do? Why did he have so many women?

Weng Lan felt that this must be the case. Otherwise, how could he accept the Emperor's bestowal marriage? It couldn't be that he was forced to do so, right? Wasn't he a male pig foot? Wasn't he very awesome?

Weng Lan had already cursed countless times in his heart for Qin An. However, he still smiled at Long Shiyu on the surface.

"Sister, what do you want to say?"

"Nothing. You said your name is Long Shiyu? Then I will call you Shiyu from now on?"

"Yes, yes, sister."

"You are so beautiful."

"Thank you, sister, for your praise."

"But you are so good-looking and a Princess. Don't you feel wronged to be Qin An's concubine now?"

"Sister, I think you are a magnanimous and kind person. I don't want to hide it from you. I don't feel wronged. I am just very curious."


"Yes, I don't understand why Emperor Bai wanted to betrothme to General Qin An."

"Oh, but what's so strange about it? Maybe the Emperor thinks he is outstanding, so he gave you a choice."

"There are actually many outstanding men in my dynasty, but none of them dare to marry me."

"Oh? Why?"

"Because I participated in the Luo Ying Society when I was twelve years old."

"What is the Luo Ying Society?"

"It was a competition organized by various big sects in Jianghu. It was held once every four years. When I was only twelve years old, I was already chosen as the paragon. I was known as the most beautiful woman in the past. It wouldn't matter if it was just that. But at that time, I met the young sect master of the Cloud Sword Sect. He was only one year older than me. When he saw me, he swore that he would definitely marry me. Not only did he spread this news to Jianghu, but he also sent a large number of gifts every year."

"Ah? This young sect master is still thinking about you. Then, didn't the Emperor suddenly decide to marry you to ruin your karma?"

"No, no, no. Elder sister has misunderstood. I am absolutely unwilling to marry this person."

"Why? Isn't he about the same age as you? Moreover, he is also a sect master. He has a very high status. Is it because he is ugly?"

"No, this person is extremely good-looking. He looks very much like a woman, even better than most women."

"If that's the case, why aren't you willing to marry him? Do you think he looks too feminine?"

"No, it's just because of his hobby! In fact, he did not like beautiful women, but rather more ruthless and beautiful women than him. It was said that he had already married dozens of women, and they were all the most beautiful. However, after he was married, he would cut their faces with a knife. This way, he would be happy every day. He had a nickname, Mr. Flower Destroyer. Any woman he liked would not be able to escape. If this woman dared to marry in advance, he would go and exterminate the man who married women."

Weng Lan widened his eyes. After reflecting for a while, he understood and then widened his eyes.

"Do you mean to say that now that Qin An has married you, that whatever Mr. Flower Destroyer, the Young Sect Master of the Cloud Sword Sect, has come back to cause trouble for Qin An? And he wants to kill his entire family? Now, I can be considered his family."

Long Shiyu nodded slowly, still smiling.

"What exactly is this Cloud Sword Sect?"

"It is on the eastern cloud island of the continent. Its strength is spread throughout the entire continent. The cloud swordsman is the representative of the peak of martial arts in the continent. And it is said that there are hundreds of cloud swordsmen in the cloud sword sect. Each of them has the strength of one to ten thousand."

"So powerful. These cloud swordsmen can recognize Sect Master Yun?"

"In theory, that is the case. However, some of the experts in the cloud swordsman are old men from the previous generation of the cloud sword sect. Therefore, some of them won't be able to hear Sect Master Yun's words."

"Sigh. Alright, it turned out to be like this."

Weng Lan frowned and pondered for a while. Suddenly, he thought of Chen Sheng.

Qin An basically did not hide anything from Weng Lan, so Weng Lan already knew Chen Sheng's identity. He could be considered a Divine Swordsman.

Then who was more powerful between a Cloud Swordsman and a Divine Swordsman?

Forget it, forget it. Why do you care about these things? You just have to tell Qin An about this later. After that, the fighting and killing will be dealt with by him. He dared to accept the marriage of Long Shiyu, so he had to face the consequences.

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Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 1919 Cloud Exiting Swordsman