Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!
Chapter 91 - How to Coax Gu Chu?

Chapter 91: How to Coax Gu Chu?

Then, Lin Yin quickly said, “If there’s nothing else, I have to go.”

Feng Jia threw his phone on the passenger seat, his hands heavily tapping on the steering wheel.

At this time, a couple who were quarreling happened to pass by.

The woman cried, “Let’s break up! I don’t want to see you anymore! Get lost!”

The man was confused. “You don’t own this street, why should I get lost?”

The woman was really angry. Her eyes were red and she threw her bag at the man. “Go to hell!”

Women were all the same when they were angry.

Feng Jia expressionlessly rolled up the car window and stepped on the gas. Soon, he drove out of the district.

Gu Chu was obviously angry this morning. He wanted to chase after her, but he had an early meeting. It was very important and he couldn’t be delayed, so he had to go to the office first.

Later on, he wanted to send her a text but he kept picking up his phone and putting it down. He did not know what to say.

Monday was always busy, he forced himself to catch up on his work and left work an hour earlier to pick up the little vixen.

However, he was given the cold shoulder.

In the past two years, it was not that he and Gu Chu had never quarreled. It was just that they had always been straightforward. In Gu Chu’s words, even if they quarreled, they had to understand whose fault it was.

They were both rational people who were straightforward.

Therefore, after a quarrel, after they talked in out and had sex, they would basically move on.

If they could not move on, it meant that they had not done it enough and needed to do it again.

Of course, there would be a cold war between them at times.

For example, the one that happened half a month ago. Coincidentally, he had very important work overseas that would affect the first quarter result of the Feng Corporation, so he had to be there personally. During this period, he could only make a few calls and send her a few text messages.

However, she always ignored him.

The green light came on. He started the car and drove all the way to his house.

So, she didn’t want to come back this time?

Then was it considered a cold war now?

Then, how long would it last this time?

As long as the last time?

Feng Jia was panicking inside. He picked up the phone and opened Wechat, wanting to send her a text message.

At this moment, Meng Lang suddenly sent a text message. “Feng Jia, are you free tonight? Bring Chuchu over for a drink.”

Feng Jia replied to him first. “She’s not going.”

“Why?” He replied so quickly. It was obvious that he didn’t even ask Gu Chu.

“She’s angry.”

A few seconds later, Meng Lang called him and he picked up.

“Even though it’s only a few words, I know what you’re thinking. You want me to give you some advice on how to appease Gu Chu, is that right?”

Meng Lang was the typical son of the rich.

He spent money like water, burning it without even blinking. His daily routine was hanging out with women and driving around. With a few words, he could coax a girl into submission.

There was no shortage of women around him.

However, Feng Jia smiled. “No.”

He knew how to coax Gu Chu and did not need anyone to teach him.

Meng Lang ignored him. “You are the only one who never succumbed to Gu Chu’s tyranny. But I never thought that you would eventually succumb!”

“No man will always stand firm against her!”

Feng Jia was too lazy to listen. “I’m hanging up.”

“Wait a minute! I can teach you something! Although I don’t know how to coax a prideful little rose like Gu Chu, every time her mood changes, I will smile obsequiously. The more obsequious it is, the better. Do you understand?”

Feng Jia did not hang up because he was being polite.

When he finished laughing, he said, “I’m hanging up.”

This time, he really did.

But very quickly, Meng Lang sent another Wechat message. “I advise you not to try to reason with her.”

Although he hung up on him, Meng Lang was a loyal friend.

He sent another message. “When a woman is angry, you can’t reason with her, even if she is as rational as Gu Chu. If you insist on doing so, you are undoubtedly courting death.”

“That is why men should have thicker skin. Say something nice and coax her.”

Feng Jia read the message quietly and did not reply.

Meng Lang: “You must coax her immediately if she’s angry. Otherwise, in two days, she will ask who you are. Since you’re not married, if she said she has nothing to do with you, then there’s nothing between the two of you. Even if you go to the police, they will only think that you are harassing her!”

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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World! Chapter 91 - How to Coax Gu Chu?