Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!
Chapter 27 - Let’s Get the Marriage Certificate

Chapter 27: Let’s Get the Marriage Certificate

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“Lin Yu?” Feng Jia’s emotions were unclear. “He seems to treat you really well. He even gave you such a big project like the Sky Garden project, but have you ever thought about how he’s going to explain it to his father and the directors?”

“Don’t get too involved. This has nothing to do with you!” Gu Chu said in annoyance.

She had really had enough. To hell with pleasing him or holding her position in the Gu family.

“I’ll go back tonight and tell my parents to cancel the engagement with you. Since my mother wants you to marry Gu Wan and I think you’re quite interested, congratulations on getting what you want.”

Gu Chu left after saying that. She did not wait for the elevator nor Feng Jia any time to react.

She had just taken a step when her wrist was grabbed.

Feng Jia’s hand was like steel. She couldn’t shake it off no matter how hard she tried. She shouted angrily, “Let go!”

Feng Jia pursed his lips. “Can you talk properly?”

“No! Let Go!”

Gu Chu swung her hand in a circle. Feng Jia almost couldn’t hold on to her, so he simply pulled her into his arms.

At this moment, the elevator door opened with a ding.

The people in the elevator looked at the people hugging each other tightly at the door, completely embarrassed.

Gu Chu: “...”

The elevator door closed automatically again.

Damn it! We were waiting for so long! Gu Chu punched his back. “Are you crazy?!”

Her ears turned red.

Feng Jia whispered in her ear, “Can you talk properly now?”

He did not look like he wanted her to calm down. Instead, he looked like a high-ranking official who had taken time out of his busy schedule to deal with an unreasonable little girl.

He met Gu Wan several times in private and helped her gain a firm foothold in the company. He did not put her in his eyes at all. Now, he was accusing her of being unreasonable?!


She was so angry that she laughed. “What are you trying to do in public? If you want to lose face, go run around naked. Don’t drag me into this!”

“We’re husband and wife. Why are you so shy?”

“Who’s your wife? Are we married? Do we have a marriage certificate?”

“Without the legal document, you’re just a passerby!”

Feng Jia quickly answered, “It’s still not too late to get a marriage certificate.”

Gu Chu: “?”

He asked again, “You don’t dare to go?”

Yeah right!

That bastard wasn’t playing by the rules. How could he go and get the certificate just like that?

Gu Chu’s heart was in a mess. She had mixed feelings and her eyelashes were fluttering fast.

Once they got the certificate, their relationship status couldn’t be changed. Was he using this to tell her that he chose her and not Gu Wan?!

Although Gu Chu did not want to admit it, his words had indeed made her heart burn. However, she was angry at her own spinelessness.

She said angrily, “Who would want to get the marriage certificate with you in such an ambiguous situation?”

Feng Jia asked coldly, “What’s unclear between us?”

Gu Chu was now filled with annoyance. Hee was the one who was entangled with someone else, and now he was the one who wanted to get the marriage certificate. What right did he have to do whatever he wanted?!

Even though she, Gu Chu, was not as favored as Gu Wan in the family, she was not an easy person to coax.

Moreover, she was not that undignified.

She took a deep breath and broke away from his embrace.

She reached out and suddenly touched his Adam’s apple. Then, she slid down bit by bit, deliberately provoking his desire.

She said slowly, “There must be something between you and Gu Wan. Before you explain it clearly, I won’t marry you!”

She slid all the way to his abdomen and poked him again with her fingertips. “I don’t even want to sleep with you now, so let alone get married!”

Then, she pushed him hard. “Get out of here!”

Then, she turned around and left without giving him any chance to react.

She went downstairs through the safety exit.

Feng Jia, on the other hand, looked at her heaving chest and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

This little vixen who deserved to be fucked.

Gu Chu went downstairs and hailed a taxi at the entrance. After getting into the taxi, she said immediately, “Go to the People’s Hospital.”

The driver immediately started the car.

What was Feng Jia trying to hide between him and Gu Wan?

Was Gu Wan an antique that he had spent a lot of effort to find? Why was she so precious?

Gu Chu gritted her teeth and called Lin Yin to tell her about what had just happened. She couldn’t hide her anger.

Lin Yin didn’t reply immediately, but that didn’t stop her from verbally attacking Feng Jia.

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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World! Chapter 27 - Let’s Get the Marriage Certificate