116 State of mind: see through

Sitting on the edge of the ship, Wang was observing in the far distance and the scenery was indeed captivating.

The ocean water was indeed reflecting the beautiful blue sky, a fishing rod had been hanging by Wang’s side all this time.

But he still failed to manage to capture anything, just sitting there was giving people a sense of being isolated from the world.

This was indeed the case since he had already taken his domain to the eighth level and was only one step away from achieving perfection.

Al required was for him to combine all his insights into one domain then he could be able to achieve this but that would require to breakthrough.

A perfect domain could only be supported by entering the world’s master realm.

In the world master realm after all the domain was the basis of a world being set up.

The star in his body would be capable of creating isolation for itself just like the world.

But that did not mean that the world master realm experts had already succeeded in developing an inner world.


After all, the true meanings were still just a premature concept and thus are incapable of accomplishing this.

In that case, he had yet to take himself further in combat power, implying his breakthrough couldn’t be rushed.

But thankfully he had already entered the third level of the star refinement art.

With the energy he had already obtained in the hidden space as a foundation, his star refinement art had become even stronger.

After entering the third level, his strength had gone even further.

But the fourth floor of the original temple was not easy to pass.

With it as a goal thus he has been practicing and five years have gone by since the time he left the hidden space.

On the side, Luoli was making some dishes out in the open, while Ruruo was in the distance sitting on the grass with Fengxi.

The situation was more like they were on a family picnic.

At this moment the wind was making the trees sway, and the cow in the distance seemed to be enjoying grass as usual.

[Interesting, everything has its way of nature, and deviation from it is almost impossible even if one becomes strong. The instincts remain. Just like the wind swaying trees, cows eating grass, rabbits preferring carrots. In the end, one’s instincts can only be controlled by gaining spirituality. Strength can’t help with this at all. One without the ability to control instincts could easily be labeled a devil.]

The moment he fell into a daze he started to murmur some comprehensible things.

Wang was observing the environment around him but still failed to grasp what he wanted.

His ambitions were put on grasping the concepts behind his true meanings.

This however proved very difficult and despite his numerous opportunities, he still couldn’t manage to achieve it.

The path he had taken with his family was not as complicated as it sounded.

The true meaning was the first stage then followed by a concept. The main idea was going deeper and the concept took the true meanings to a deeper level.

It’s in the way one sees an object but if the object is taken as a basis to study particles.

And after that then the particles would also be taken as a basis to study further.

With this approach, the knowledge required was too much in the future.

The good thing was that with every improvement the changes coming along with it are also immense such as consciousness expansion.

In that way, the ability of the consciousness to analyze data also comes into play.

It could also explain why the couple took such a short time on the true meanings.

The true meaning was not so hard in the end as compared to when going in depth.

Even with external help, it would thus be slightly harder to grasp the idea of the concept.

The panel is also not very useful to him in dealing with such issues at all.

[Indeed very tough to take that step, perhaps when I break through into the world master realm it could be possible to have some insights. After all that time my consciousness would reach a new height. The most important thing for me is to find a way to attain combat power on the fourth floor quickly.]

Truth is, Wang had already improved even the intent he had comprehended years back but it did not change his fate on the fourth floor.

The third and fourth floors had a huge disparity at the end of the day and without a qualitative change in strength, it would be impossible to win.

Intent proved to be impossible to allow him to take lead on the floor.

The Origin temple only takes into consideration the combat power of an individual rather than the external help.

In other words, the Origin temple doesn’t allow for use of weapons, during the challenges.

All this time Wang has been improving his knowledge on all sides, but it has still made it hard to improve his combat power.

But it was not without gain, as his domain has managed to reach the eighth level, and infusing it in his attacks makes him very scary.

But on the fourth floor, that is not considered much, and he understands that.

He also find it impossible to improve the star refinement art any further, something that could be attributed to the limitations of the realm.

Having reached the third level is already considered attaining taboo combat power.

Taboo combat power is when the strength goes exceeding beyond even that of super-geniuses using secret techniques.

More simply, taboo combat power is something not allowed to exist, or beyond the norms.

Just like Wang has already even exceeded it as the attacks he launches could allow him to challenge those in the realm beyond world master.

In the case of taboo, the attacks allow him to even have the ability to kill those with normal strength in that realm in a confrontation.

But that still made it hard for him to make any waves on the fourth floor of the original temple, which he used to assume that he had yet to reach his limited potential in the realm.

The current Wang gave off a feeling like an ocean, even Ruruo with a higher realm could feel that his body was carting immense power.

His consciousness had also increased immensely with the improvement of his body through the star refinement art.

Seemingly perceiving something, he stood up and jumped into the sea.

Seeing this, Fengxi was doubtful about what her father had just done that for, but she was stopped by Ruruo from going in.

[Mom, why did you stop me from also going to the water too, aren’t you curious as to why dad went in?]

Fengxi pressed but Ruruo rolled her eyes at her daughter, she was not interested in arguing with her.

Her main concern was combining her remaining true meanings perfectly to raise the realm. She even realized something very interesting, to utilize the golden Qi she had gathered by using the nine-colored Qi codex.

Once she started absorbing one of the drops after fusing two true meanings and her combat power allowed her to head straight to being at the pinnacle on the third floor.

But that could be understood, after in the world’s master realm.

Wang did also have the same expectation, if Ruruo fused five true meanings she could also be capable of winning on the fourth floor.

But that would take time, after all, fusing the true meanings would become harder with the higher the numbers being fused.

Ruruo had already seen that Wang was not in a normal state when sitting by the edge of the ship.

It is an opportunity for him and they decided to keep their daughter from disrupting this.

This made her very curious and thus, she went to the edge of the ship to look into the water.

But she still couldn’t obtain any results, as Wang had descended further to the bottom.

His mind was free of distractions and his domain kept expanding in the sea.

It was also resisting the pressure being brought by the seawater.

[The path of martial arts is something I indeed chose, and wish to see more beyond the world.] The moment he was under the water he had clarity in his mind.

Indeed he might have started off wanting to survive in this world, then protect himself and his family but in the end, he wanted to do it for himself.

Achieving this realization seemed to open some shackles in his mind, then with a huge expansion in his mind, he felt that the world around him had changed.

Opening his eyes, some pale blue hue could be seen in them. The distance his eyes sight could see seemed to have increased even underwater.

Looking towards the surface of the water, he could on the huge ship, Fengxi was standing at the edge looking down very eager to jump down.

[What happened to me just now?]

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