108 what do I do?

After the fog started to cover their face Wang could only take advantage of his nine-colored Qi codex.

Surprisingly, it worked and he was able to absorb the fog converting it into numerous golden drops.

But it was not faster compared to the demonic energy.

In the process, however, he had managed to find the perfect solution.

Without delay, he moved towards the grass, however, the concentration of the fog was denser the further in he went.

His body muscles were already feeling very itchy for some reason.

It was almost impossible to be obstructed by the fog, this he decided to take advantage of the nine-colored Qi codex to arrive near the grass.

Standing on the cliff, the group of women warriors was looking down from the cliff, but the fog was obstructing their eyes.

Despite their evaluation of Wang, they failed to put the nine-colored Qi codex.


The group was holding torches but the effect was very minimal since they couldn’t achieve their goals anyway. But that did not stop the woman in charge from giving orders.

[Spread around. Don’t let anyone approach the fog or leave. Just in case to prevent some unexpected occurrences. You all know the importance of that grass.]

When she was giving orders the group moved each towards their assigned positions.

The ‘princess’ as referred to by the women group had only about five people left with her.

She then sat back on her chair seemingly waiting for something.

[princess, why are you so calm about this matter?]

When the group had been sent out to guard in different directions, someone in the remaining group couldn’t help but ask.

She had already an idea about the spy left in her soldiers, although she knew it, she did not reveal it to everyone other than her group of trusted aides.

Now seeing them asking in confusion about how he let the spy go unchecked they become even more puzzled.

Looking at her trusted aide’s expression how could she not know what they were thinking?

[Do you think that my actions of letting her g unchecked are a bad move?]

She asked without much change in expression and the group of people seemed to have the same thought but none in their right minds would admit it straight up.

But she was not bothered by it, in the end, she took some effort to explain.

[Actually, if I were in your shoes I would think the same way. After all, letting her go u checked means she would end up informing my ambitious brother of it.] She spoke in this manner and this made them even more puzzled.

[Then princess why did you..?]

Seeing the other party about to ask she raised her arm to stop them.

[Even if she did not do it, I would have someone leak the news to him. The nine-path rejuvenation grass is a treasure beyond treasures and being able to find one, especially this one is about to undergo a tribulation. Once it succeeds this treasure will be something unparalleled for creating a foundation.]

She looked into the disappearing fog with some solemn expression before observing the sky.

[Even though it has little use to me or my brother, once is given emperor’s father, he can use it to exchange some important treasure or even get the grace of some Primal powerhouse.]

Looking at her confused aides, she continued [In the vast cosmos you should know that the number of such fetishes is limited especially one focusing on foundation. Once any of that Primal lord or above needed to make a perfect foundation for their juniors, it would be very beneficial to the emperor’s father. ]

In the end, she realized she had failed to mention the important piece of information and thus she pointed into the dark clouds gathering.

[This is the reason I had to involve him. If it was well concealed or a small issue then we could ignore it. But this involves bigger benefits and in the end, do you think such a phenomenon would escape the eyes of others? Once the fog has been completely absorbed the grass shall undergo a tribulation, by then the number of people attracted would be a lot. In that case why not bring him in, perhaps he can play some role and even if he ends up grasping it in the end, bit would still be sent to the father emperor in the end.]

As she spoke however the confidence in her heart was not there. The moment the grass attracted attention, she was very worried.

In the fog, Wang had already arrived near the grass, observing it, he could see that it was the only one absorbing the fog.

Surprisingly, the grass had started to have some strips on it, with a purple color.

He thus decided to wait for closer to avoid unexpected situations.

In another region, a group of old men was running from something, but their expressions revealed panic.

With disheveled hair and some blood stains on the clothes, the man on the front seemed to be very angry.

[Damn, Pavilion master we shouldn’t have come to this damn place. After entering it seems we can’t even leave in the end. It would be okay if we could obtain some treasure but now others are eyeing us like their prey. Damn, what are those things anyway?]

The man was yelling angrily as he run. But the pavilion master in question was not in a good shape at all.

In this place, they were being suppressed in all aspects, from their perception to the realm. It was not suppression due to their realms being forced to a certain lower realm, but rather this place had higher gravity and even energies that made their strength fall naturally.

It was because they couldn’t handle the pressure from all around.

Gravity being too high meant they lacked the acuity to fly.

The other factors also shared the same logic, being too much of a burden on them meant that they could only use their strengths to counter the oppression from all directions.

In the end, even having to deal with others was thus becoming difficult and from the group, some were captured.

But that was not all, they failed to locate the region they came in from.

[Pavilion master, what should we do? The way those things were looking at us also made me very scared. It’s like even if we died they would not let our bodies go.]

The man continued to shout as he speeded up.

The remarks he made were something that all the others had already acknowledged.

But the man is in such a state and taking the lead on the run could show that he was the one still in the best shape among them.

The pavilion master in question was also an old man but the last time Wang met him was when he took all the valuables from thet city before the ‘meteor’ fall into the sea.

The group had rushed to attain a treasure but after finding themselves in this space they had no choice but to explore especially believing they could harvest numerous treasures.

The pavilion master looked as though he had aged considerably.

And hearing the shouts from that guy in the front, he had a headache.

From his experience, he had already started to analyze their situation from the very beginning.

‘I’m afraid the other party is playing with us and we are already in their palm. Even if I were to tell them it wouldn’t change a thing in the end. I regret coming to this place without even investigating the issue.’

The pavilion master was depressed but suddenly huge clouds were gathering in another direction.

This attracted everyone’s attention and despite their situation, it was not easy to ignore it.

Some were thinking it was an opportunity to escape so they diverted from the group heading in that direction.

Others chose to continue their escape in a different direction hoping the dark clouds could attract the attention of their perusers.

Indeed such thought proved very true as the moment the dark clouds gathered, although the group behind did not bead in that direction immediately, they stopped.

The sudden appearance of clouds might be the birth of a treasure, and rushing towards insignificant things would only be foolish.

But Wang was the one that wanted to curse, the place he had hidden his figure was closer to the grass, but the moment he just wanted to move he discovered the clouds in the sky changing.

And it was exactly right below the grass, this was already something he could guess. But he did not expect it to happen.

The strips on the grass had also started to change color too.

Hiding his figure, he could see the fog had all been absorbed yet the group of women had yet to appear, apparently they knew about this situation.

He couldn’t help but want to curse out loud. But he didn’t dare mess around, he was also more curious about the changes that could happen in this situation.

The feeling he got from the dark clouds gathering was danger.

And being close to the grass, he would be targeted too. But running away from the vicinity would also end up destroying his chances of getting his hands on the treasure.

He was also certain that if the turn of events was caused by this grass, it was bound to attract more creatures here.

He had seen the group that had been guarding its leaves, probably they already knew about it earlier and chose to wait for all this to pass.

This situation was leaving Wang in a dilemma.

[What do I do?]

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