100 Are you sure you want me to enter your city?

When Wang and his family were headed further and further away, someone else was already feeling uneasy.

To Wang, it could indeed be a good thing if he could attain the other aspects of the way, even if intent could be perfected it might be a very good thing.

But at the end of the day, he was not sure of how to improve in this aspect.

The vague concerts might just end up eating his time, so he would not pursue it if he managed to face a situation where he gained an opportunity then it would be fine.

[Ooh! So strong!] Ruruo was indeed interested but on the other hand, Wang was not thinking that way.

That feeling might indeed be tempting to a lot of people as long as they were interested in becoming stronger.

The carriage driver outside however was not so lucky to get involved in the conversation between them.

He could hear anything unless the ones in the carriage allowed it, based on the formations and other methods used to fortify the carriage, it was not just it’s a defense that was exaggerated, even the other small aspects were being slowly improved by Wang.

He couldn’t just spend the rest of his time advancing his strength and forgetting about his other skills, so he could divert his formation knowledge into the carriage.


Perhaps the other higher levels other than sword intent could be something Ruruo could manage to gain insight into in the future, but for him, it would require more.

He was not going to focus on it then, and that is why he decided to not make their minds disillusioned by taking the route that seemed simple, he could still see that his intentions might not be much to a stronger person.

It could even fail to leave any mark on them.

In that case, it’s better to take other methods that improved strength, blindly believing that he could become invincible with a sword is wrong.

The next time he had an improvement in such an area was also unknown, unlike from learning other body techniques.

He was more aware that other stronger techniques might also exist, and if he could manage to add them to his collection, then he would improve his combat capabilities.

But the only place to get good things was obviously in that place.

But he was aware that the use of the stone pillar would not be possible in that place, and even with the intent, he had yet to completely master he could hardly pass through the place.

The only way was to make sure he was ready and perhaps the rewards might be more generous.

Currently, he was looking at Fengxi that was sitting beside Luoli.

Surprisingly, after he gave Luoli the idea of focusing on using cooking as her main path of cultivation such as those involved in formations or even alchemy, she had improved so much over the decade.

She was currently standing on level nine, and even her skills in the kitchen had improved greatly.

Surprisingly she also managed to manifest her perception at level eight.

That was the peak of blood refining level.

With the resources available and the quality of meat Wang hunts she had to work hard to cultivate otherwise it would be impossible to even handle such ingredients.

Wang used food as bait, and seeing she couldn’t achieve her goal without improving her strength, she was forced into cultivating.

Furthermore, she was still a woman, after all, seeing how her master was still looking young and yet she had started to look like an old woman, could she accept it?

This and the idea planted in her head about cooks, especially when Wang said it by adding some butter to the ideas, his could one not be tempted.

And just like that, she had managed to transition from her lazy attitude. Fengxi spent the most time with her too thus seeing her lying on Luoli’s shoulder was more like normal.

[Fengeer’ how was that? Haha, it is a shame your dad still was defeated even with such an attack in that place. If you don’t work hard others will pass by you in the end.]

Ruruo knew that what Wang was saying was for Fengxi’s good.

Knowing that there was the sky above the sky and people above people was a good thing.

In the future even if she suffered a loss, she could calmly accept it, but strive to pursue improvement.

Wang was keeping a check on the situation all around them as they moved.

He was no in a hurry, but let the carriage move at a steady pace, but that also allowed someone to catch up with them.

He was able to detect that someone was moving fast in the front, obviously with intention of intercepting them.

But he was not in a hurry, just decided to wait and see things play out on their own.

As the carriage moved Wang soon started focusing on his domain, he has seen how Ruruo utilized the domain and thought about taking some of the insights to see if he could improve his domain.

For the longest time, his domain has stagnated at the fifth level.

He has tried all the other methods but nothing changes.

Even though he uses the domain occasionally, it is still very difficult for him to completely improve any further.

He couldn’t find out the reason, but still making the domain improve on the fifth level is still acceptable.

The way Ruruo utilizes the domain is on a different level than him because she has her understanding of it.

Wang on the other end focuses on taking some concerts and incorporating them into the domain to strengthen them.

Other than that, it could have something to do with the true meanings too.

He had many thoughts about it as he had released his domain covering a larger range.

Every single change couldn’t escape his perception, and through it, he seemed to be the essence that Ruruo utilized in her domain.

At the same moment, he knew it was not the direction he wanted to go.

When the carriage moved past a small stream, the bull seemed to have stopped to drink some water and Wang did not mind this.

He had already informed the man to not disrupt the path taken by the huge bull.

He would thus not be in a hurry, the more the couple observed the world, the rapid their improvement.

In the beginning, Ruruo was indeed very talented and Wang didn’t doubt that, but she proved too talented especially after starting to cultivate the ancient system.

It was as though she was a fish in water, and he never worries about having to give her any pointers.

When seeing how she had managed to go further even with her utilization of domain in attacks rather than oppression the way Wang does it, he knew she was doing fine.

As the carriage kept moving, it soon got closer to the intersection that led to the city in the distance but did not take that route in the end.

Wang was interested in obtaining something and the city was already covered by his perception. He did not see anything interesting to tempt him into visiting, in that case, it would be better to continue moving on their own and discovering more interesting things.

Coming into contact with new things along the way such as the tree that Ruruo made Wang set up a formation over to hide its presence for a long period, can count as acquiring knowledge and enhancing one’s vision.

But before they could even go further, a man could be seen standing in their way.

But the huge bull continued on its way, as for the pressure he was trying to release on the bull to make it afraid, it was not even capable of achieving its effects.

It was rather deflected in the end, this act not only seemed to embarrass him but made the owners of the carriage probably even not bothered by him.

Seeing the carriage already moving away the man couldn’t sit still and shouted.

[Sir! Please halt!]

[ooh and why should I do that? I suddenly remember that I haven’t punished you for that stunt just now. Are trying to become a bandit. Trying to attack my carriage and even now shouting at me to stop. Where did you get the courage?]

The voice was very calm but the man found out that the moment the man said a word some wounds would form on his body and internal organs.

[Damn! What is this? It seems to be destroying my internal organs without any way to stop it.] The man was cursing deep down.

[senior! Have mercy!]

Aware of the situation the man already took the initiative to offer an apology and ask for his life to be spared.

A typical example of those that liked to hear the hard and step on the soft.

Wang was projecting his intent using his voice and the outcome was not bad.

He just thought about trying it and found it interesting.

The application of intent was indeed beyond his expectations.

This man was sent here by some factions from the city thinking since he fought that man, a treasure may be involved.

Perhaps they also assumed he was injured and could take advantage of this opportunity.

The way the man was currently breaking into cold sweat told him a lot.

He was being sacrificed to sound him out.

[Are you sure you want me to enter your city?] His voice resounded in the distance where some individuals were hiding observing the turn of events.

But some were frowning with others becoming nervous. As for the man standing close to the carriage, he could see this was a pit from the-gogo.

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