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Chapter 88 - The Battle of the Stars! Who Would Be the Champion?

Chapter 88: The Battle of the Stars! Who Would Be the Champion?

A guy with shriveled skin who looked like a zombie walked onto the stage.

He was carrying a pitch-black coffin on his back, which was visible in contrast to his skinny body.

When Huang Qi saw this zombie-like person, his face turned ugly and miserable.

He really had the most unlucky life.

He had already accepted the fact that he went against the monster-like Victor.

But now he had encountered this monster from Puppet Peak.

Being a personal disciple had led him to such situations, Huang Qi’s head was about to explode.

Victor narrowed his eyes.

This zombie-like person seemed to be a personal disciple of Puppet Peak, Shangshan Cherong.

“Huang Qi is also a personal disciple of Spirit Spell Peak. I remember that personal disciples would only compete in the final ten matches.”

“Could it be that because Huang Qi lost to me, he has already been disqualified as a seeded contestant?”

Victor thought about it and felt that it was inevitable.

The reason why the core disciples of the seven peaks were kept in the last ten matches was to increase the attraction of the matches, not to take care of the core disciples. i𝒏𝒏𝐫𝑒𝐚d. c𝐨𝗺

If any core disciple did not have the ability, they would naturally be eliminated early.

“Let the competition begin!”

After the referee elder said this, Huang Qi’s face turned black.

He would rather meet Qin Yu than face Shangshan Cherong.

After all, this guy was too abnormal. The zombie puppet was simply terrifying.

The worst thing was that Huang Qi had used up all the runes on the golden flag.

He asked his master for a defective item at the last minute. Although it was not as powerful as the original, it was still decent. It would be enough to deal with ordinary opponents.

However, he did not expect that he would actually go up against the Puppet Peak’s personal disciple, Shangshan Cherong.

He had already predicted the kind of miserable ending this battle would end up in.

“Haha! Spirit Spell Peak’s disciple, aren’t you prepared to admit defeat?”

Shangshan Cherong said with a strange smile. He was clearly not old, but when he spoke, he sounded like an old man. He did not put Huang Qi in his eyes at all.

Huang Qi’s face turned pale. He was indeed considering whether he should admit defeat immediately.

Now that he heard what Shangshan Cherong said, how could he admit defeat? If he did, he would become a true coward.

At any rate, he was a core disciple of the Spirit Spell Peak. If he surrendered without fighting and had to swallow his pride under the disdain of his opponent, that would be too embarrassing.

This was not only embarrassing for himself, but also represented the shame of the entire Spirit Spell Peak.

Once word got out, in the future, the disciples of the Spirit Spell Peak would not be able to raise their heads in front of the disciples of other sects, and he would definitely lose his status as a personal disciple.

Huang Qi braced himself and said, “If you want to fight, then fight. Cut the crap!”

“Such guts. Unfortunately, the more guts you have, the more powerful you have to be. Otherwise, you’ll be an idiot.”

Shangshan Cherong said as he shook the coffin behind him. A tall puppet jumped out from the coffin.

This puppet had a height of two people and had three heads and six arms. When he thought about how the other party was made from some puppet materials and corpse skin, Huang Qi felt nauseous.

“Brat, if you can deal with this three-headed puppet, I’ll accept my defeat!”

When he heard Shangshan Cherong’s arrogant words, Huang Qi gritted his teeth in hatred.

“This guy is too arrogant. Although I’m not his match, he only took out one puppet to deal with me. He didn’t put me in his eyes at all!”

Although the Puppet Peak is mysterious, Huang Qi still has a certain level of understanding towards Shangshan Cherong’s moves.

The other party still has at least two puppets.

Huang Qi admitted that he wasn’t a match for him. Now that he took out a puppet to deal with him, he really doesn’t put him in his eyes.

“Golden Light Formation!”

Huang Qi suddenly waved the formation flag in his hand, and a series of golden runes flew out from the formation flag.


All the runes rushed toward the puppet zombie. He wanted to trap and kill the puppet zombie in the spell.

The moment the runes landed on the puppet zombie’s body.

A dazzling black light rushed out of the zombie’s body, and a spherical black shield appeared around the puppet zombie.

Bang Bang Bang!

The runes hit the black shield, and it sounded like steel balls hitting black glass.

The black shield only shook violently, and all the runes from the golden flag were shattered.

“This is… The Dark Shield?”

Huang Qi was completely stunned.

This black shield, the dark spiritual energy was actually emitted from a puppet that was made from a corpse!

It was very obvious that this was a defensive martial arts technique. A puppet could actually use a martial arts technique!

“You, could it be that you’ve already reached the spiritual channeling realm? How is this possible?”

Huang Qi was indescribably shocked, and even the expressions of Nangong Mingliang, Xu Xiang, and the other personal disciples in the audience changed.

Nangong Mingliang took a deep breath, and subconsciously clenched his fists.

The spirit channeling realm!

Shangshan Cherong’s cultivation was only at the 12th level of the spirit gathering realm, but he had actually reached the spirit channeling realm!

Although the Puppet Peak was extremely mysterious, it was still part of the Heavenly Sword Mountain. As personal disciples, they had a certain understanding of the realm for puppet control.

The puppets they created had powerful bodies and spirit energy, but they had a fatal weakness, which was their clumsy fighting ability.

Their final fighting ability was also very limited.

However, after the puppeteer reached the 12th level of the spirit gathering realm, they would have the opportunity to comprehend the spirit channeling realm.

The so-called spirit channeling realm was to let the puppets retain their spiritual energy from when they were alive, and even retain part of their cultivation methods and martial arts techniques!

Such puppets were not much weaker than these corpses when they were alive!

Shangshan Cherong was able to make the zombie puppets release a black shield because that strange corpse had inherited his previous martial arts techniques.

On the stage, Huang Qi’s face was extremely pale. Shangshan Cherong was only at the 12th level of the spirit gathering realm, yet he had reached the spirit channeling realm. This realm could only be comprehended by ordinary people at the 13th level of the spirit gathering realm.

Shangshan Cherong was definitely the most terrifying puppeteer genius of the Puppet Peak in the past 100 years!

Guo Feibai would probably lose to Shangshan Cherong too!

How could he be so unlucky? He had met two freaks in a row!

“I… I admit defeat.”

Huang Qi exhaled heavily and said these words with difficulty.

If he admitted defeat, so be it. Other than a few people, there was probably no one else who could deal with this monster.

There was no point for him to forcefully hold on. If he continued to hold on, he would only bring disgrace upon himself.

“Shangshan Cherong wins!”

When the referee announced, he also exhaled heavily. This disciple of the Puppet Peak, Shangshan Cherong, was too troublesome. It would be bad if someone died.

The people gathered in this grand competition were truly becoming more and more monstrous.

This grand competition could be considered to be the grandest of the last three martial competitions.

Looking at it now, not to mention the last three competitions, even if there were 13 competitions, this would still be the grandest.

In the last grand competition, the person who ranked the highest was Nangong Mingliang of the Molten Spirit Peak. He was ranked third on the overall ranking.

It was already very abnormal for him to be ranked fifth at the age of 15.

Originally, Nangong Mingliang thought that it would be no surprise for him to be ranked first this time.

But who knew that a disciple from Sword Hut, Guo Feibai, would appear.

Even the Puppet Peak, which had never been interested in this kind of competition, sent out Shangshan Cherong, who had comprehended the spirit channeling state.

Other than that, there was also the strongest disciple of Sword Control Peak, Qin Yu, and the genius disciple of Illusionary Sword Peak, You Huanyi.

There was also Zhang Zetian, who had been holding back all this while.

Victor, whose strength was unfathomable.

The competition was really fierce!

Not to mention getting first place, getting into the top three, or even the top ten was filled with difficulties!

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 88 - The Battle of the Stars! Who Would Be the Champion?