Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 76 - The Battle for First Place Among the External Sects!

Chapter 76: The Battle for First Place Among the External Sects!

“Yuelun Sect disciple Jiang Wang.”

He nodded and introduced himself.

“Victor from the Qingyun Sect, please advise me!”

Victor casually cupped his fists and saluted.

The two strong fighters faced each other, and the seemingly calm arena seemed to be filled with invisible sparks.

“You are very strong, but my cultivation method is special. Your moves are ineffective against me!”

After the match began, Jiang Wang and Victor did not fight immediately. After looking at each other for a while, Jiang Wang slowly opened his mouth and said.

Then, a layer of hazy yet tough golden halo condensed around his body, which looked like a thick golden shell.

Victor did not have any reaction when he saw this eggshell.

Ding Ling, who was watching the match below the stage, let out a deep breath. She had experienced the power of this shell before.

Ding Ling was very confident in the combined power of her 27 light blades. However, after she struck into this shell, she felt as if all of her strength was stuck in a mud puddle and was unable to free herself. Her energy was quickly exhausted.

Victor smiled faintly and closed his eyes before opening them again.

Initial success stage, Eight Desolates Sword Intent burst forth!

This attack used 70% of Victor’s strength. When he fought with Ji Mengyun back then, Victor still held back, making the other party think that he could not hold on any longer.

He had lured the other party to use a secret technique to increase her mental strength. After that, he held on for a period of time in order to better polish his Eight Desolates Sword Intent.

However, since the other party dared to say such words, it seemed that Jiang Wang was very confident in his defensive barrier. There was no need for him to be anxious.


The sharp spiritual energy in the sword intent collided violently with the golden shell, causing it to distort violently.

The golden shell seemed to be disrupted by a violent storm, swaying aggressively. It looked as if it was going to break at any moment, but it did not.

The surrounding arenas were affected by the golden shell. The bricks under Jiang Wang’s feet shattered, forming cracks that looked like spider webs.

However, Jiang Wang, who was at the center of the golden shell, remained calm and composed.

The intense reaction on the golden shell and the calmness within the shell formed a sharp contrast, causing many other cultivators to look at him in surprise.

“Metal and earth elements?”

Victor sensed that the shell contained the sturdiness of the earth element and the toughness of the metal element.

The two powerful spiritual powers helped to completely block Victor’s sword intent attack.

“Yes, I am a cultivator with three spiritual roots. My affinity with the earth and metal elements had reached 80% . The earth element spiritual power, which is known for its defensive power, and the indestructible metal element spiritual power to form a protective shield. This is my absolute defense!”

Jiang Wang’s voice was not loud, but it was clearly heard by everyone.

“80% affinity?”

“No wonder Jiang Wang could fight all the way until now. His cultivation method has fully displayed his spirit root talent. With such an ability, unless Victor’s talent was stronger than Jiang Wang and posessed matching cultivation methods and skills, it will be difficult to break his defense.”

“If he can’t break through his protective barrier, then Jiang Wang will be in an undefeatable position. Victor’s sword attack is ineffective, how can they fight?”

“Who asked you to bet on Victor? Can’t you bet on Jiang Wang? You must be greedy. Sword attack is not a conventional method. The fact that Victor made it this far with his sword attack was already considered good. Many of his opponents have lost because they couldn’t see his weakness. Now that they have encountered a being that can counter him, it would be normal for Victor to lose.”

Within the golden shell, Jiang Wang conjured a spell in his hand. A hazy golden halo enveloped his hands like a Buddha that bathed in bright golden light.

“Is your attack over? Then… It’s my turn!”

Since the attack was ineffective, Victor withdrew his sword intent attack and smiled. “You must be really confident to announce before attacking.”

Jiang Wang said while forming a seal, “We are fighting, not fighting to death. Moreover… my attack is very difficult to dodge. Even if I told you, you wouldn’t be able to dodge it!” 𝗶𝙣𝗻𝚛eα𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝑚

Jiang Wang had a calm personality. He was not a person who liked to boast about his strength. If he said that Victor couldn’t dodge the attack, then it meant that he couldn’t dodge it!

His fingers became faster and faster while forming seals, and it soon became completely blurry. In the short span of two breaths, he had formed a seal several hundreds of times!

“Zen Thousand Illusion Hand!”

Jiang Wang opened his hands. The tips of his fingers were like blossoming flowers, or like a thousand-handed Guanyin. Countless golden phantoms shot out from all directions, blotting out the sky and covering the earth.

In the blink of an eye, Victor was surrounded by countless golden handprints.

Countless air-piercing sounds brushed past Victor’s ears. These phantoms seemed to have only a few hundred layers, but in reality, there were at least thousands of overlapping handprints.

No wonder this technique was called the Zen Thousand Illusion Hand. As expected, the technique lived up to its name!

When the audience below the stage saw this move, they cried out in surprise.

“No wonder he said he couldn’t dodge it, how can he possibly dodge it!”

Ding Ling had experienced this move before, and she was hit almost instantly. Her invisibility spell was broken, and then she was defeated by Jiang Wang’s Golden Light Qi-stabilizing Fist.

Ding Ling knew how powerful this move was. It didn’t give anyone a chance to resist.

Facing the thousand shadows of the Zen Thousand Illusion Hand, unless it was someone like Huang Qi who had the ability to easily block it, otherwise, how could he dodge it?

Ding Ling didn’t think it was possible.


Jiang Wang put his hands together, and all the shadows attacked Victor!

A smile appeared on Victor’s face.

Max-level Tree Building technique, activate!

Max-level Wind spell, unleash!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In an instant, Victor was hit by countless hand shadows.

The hand shadows passed through Victor’s body and flew into the floor tiles. The floor tiles were filled with holes and gravel flew everywhere!

Before the audience could cry out in surprise, Victor’s figure had already disappeared. It turned out to be just an afterimage!


A member of the audience cried out in surprise and pointed at the sky.

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice, but they only saw a blurry shadow. A series of afterimages covered the sky, and it was impossible to tell which was the real Victor!

Victor’s body was like a violent wind. The Wind technique was enhanced by the max-level Tree Building divine technique, so it should be considered a violent wind technique.

At the same time, after the transformation of his sword force, his sword intent had broken through to the initial success stage. His spiritual power became even more boundless, and his senses are sharper.

Jiang Wang was controlling a thousand handprints at the same time. These hand shadows appeared one after another.

Victor made use of the gaps between these hand shadows, and like a fish swimming in a stormy sea, he swam back and forth!

With the support of the power of wind, his movement became faster and faster.

Many times, the audience thought that he had reached a dead end and could no longer dodge.

However, what the handprints pierced through in the end were only the afterimages left behind by Victor.

The audience gasped in surprise. Impacts of such extreme speed collision was an unusual visual feast for them!

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 76 - The Battle for First Place Among the External Sects!