Chapter 14: Fourth Elder’s Curiosity

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“There isn’t any problem. It’s just that Junior Brother Victor’s name isn’t on the list.”

Speaking of which, Junior Brother Victor seemed to already have the ability to break through the third-rate realm.

Could it be that Junior Brother Victor had forgotten about this sect competition in order to breakthrough?

Especially when he thought of Victor’s previous fight with Zhang Huan. With that kind of exquisite swordsmanship, he would definitely be able to amaze everyone if he participated. Moreover, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to be accepted by the elders.

What a waste, Hua Feng shook his head secretly.

“Junior Brother Victor??Was he the one we went to the servant hall to perform a test on?” Gu Xu also thought of something.

If Hua Feng did not mention this, he would not have thought that there were such matters.

After all, Victor usually kept a low profile. Gu Xu was also a cultivation maniac. Other than his fellow disciples, he did not pay much attention to the other disciples.

“If I’m not wrong, he is now at the peak of the third-rate realm!” Hua Feng said affirmatively.

“How can he be so fast?” Hearing Hua Feng’s affirmation, Gu Xu couldn’t believe it and exclaimed.

After all, even though he was called a cultivation maniac by his fellow disciples, it took him one and a half years to advance from the initial stage of the third-rate realm to the advanced stage of the third-rate realm.

He was considered as one of the fastest in the entire sect.

After his breakthrough, he had happily treated his fellow disciples to a big feast. In order to celebrate his breakthrough, his fellow disciples had generously praised him. He was very proud of himself.

In the end, when he saw that Victor had broken through at such an unbelievable speed, he was stunned.

This Junior Brother Victor was already so talented, yet he was still so hardworking.

In contrast, when he thought of himself, his face could not help but turned red, shameful expressions appeared on his face.

When the audience below the stage heard the conversation between them, their eyes widened in surprise.

“A servant disciple?”

“In less than half a year, he reached the advanced stage of the third-rate from the beginner stage?”

“Was he the guy who defeated Zhang Huan, the strongest disciple of the servant hall a few months ago?”

“I heard that two senior brothers went to invigilate the test and even acted as guides to lead that disciple around the Martial Arts Peak!”

“Now I finally understand. A genius is a genius. Don’t think that he can’t improve his cultivation in a short period of time. In fact, he was just focused on improving his sword techniques and had no time to cultivate. Once he cultivates, he is simply inhuman!”


The crowd below the stage whispered among themselves. Their expressions were all different. Some were envious, some were shocked, and some were jealous.

However, there was a group of people whose expressions were extremely ugly.

They had participated in the sect competition in order to showcase themselves and amaze everyone in front of their senior and junior brothers.

In the end, before the competition had even started, all the limelight had been stolen by someone who wasn’t even present.

The most annoying thing was that this person did not even register for the competition, so no one stood a chance to challenge him.

The battle arena was booming with discussions.

Meanwhile, Yu Haoming, who was on the rooftop on the east side, was also a little unhappy at this moment.

It was such a pity that he did not get to sleep in on a day with such good weather.

The most hateful thing was that when he finally had a good dream, he was awakened by the noise from the stage.

However, an elder should have the bearing of an elder. He would not bicker with these disciples.

“Servant disciple?”

Yu Haoming heard some interesting things.

A servant disciple only took a few months to go from the initial stage of the third-rate realm to the advanced stage of the third-rate realm.

He was only slightly weaker than Yu Haoming himself. In other words, this disciple named Victor’s cultivation talent wasn’t any weaker than Yu Haoming’s.


Yu Haoming unconsciously raised the corner of his mouth, and all sorts of images appeared in his eyes.

Back then, the sect master gently stroked his forehead and said with a smile, “Haoming, you have very good talent. Don’t waste it!”

When his master said very good, it meant that he was outstanding, and that his cultivation talent far surpassed that of his fellow disciples.

“If this disciple really has such a high talent...”

Yu Haoming’s eyes darted around as if he had thought of something. His expression could not hide his happiness.


In the arena.

Gu Xu and Hua Feng had also realized a problem. Now was the time for the competition, but they were lost in their own thoughts.

The two of them quickly got the disciples below the stage to calm down and immediately announced the start of the competition.

According to the rules of the competition, the disciples had to first draw lots.

The two people who drew the same number will be opponents. Then, the winner will enter the following round, and the loser was eliminated.

The competition began, and the entire arena returned to its previous lively atmosphere. The audience began to point at the people on the stage and expressed their opinions.

They even began to predict the top four candidates and the champion of the competition.

“I think highly of Senior Brother Wang Ling!”

“I also think highly of Senior Brother Wang Ling!”

“Senior Brother Wang is indeed very good. Whether it is in terms of strength or character, he is one of the best candidates in our Martial Arts Peak.”

“I think Senior Brother Yang Mu’s strength is better than Senior Brother Wang Ling’s.”

“I also think highly of Yang Mu. Although his personality is arrogant, I have to admit that his talent in swordsmanship is indeed worthy of being called the best in the Martial Arts Peak.”

“I don’t like Yang Mu, and I’m not familiar with Senior Brother Wang Ling. I still think more highly of?Senior Brother Sun Hao.”


Following the start of the elimination round and the fierce battle on the stage, the discussion below the stage was as lively as ever.

The sect grand competition was in full swing.

In the evening, Gu Xu announced that today’s elimination round had come to an end.

All the disciples returned to their residences with reluctance.

“Have you guys watched Senior Brother Wang Ling’s match? Compared to the last time I saw him fight, he’s much stronger today.”

“Yeah, Senior Brother Wang’s opponent today isn’t some small fry. He’s also ranked in the top ten in this competition. However, when they fought, his opponent didn’t even last a single move before he was knocked off the stage.”

“The most important thing is that Senior Brother Wang did not look down on his opponent at all. He went all out to show respect.”

“In comparison, Yang Mu relied on his strength and superb swordsmanship to constantly humiliate his fellow disciples.”

“Yang Mu is indeed strong, but he is too arrogant.”

“I don’t like this kind of person!”

“Me Too!”


Victor’s three roommates discussed as they headed to the cafeteria.


“This guy, he just finished his dinner. where is he going?” The person at the back said in surprise when he saw Victor leaving.

“He’s heading towards the cultivation rooms!”

“This guy has been cultivating in the cultivation room all day long?”

“F*ck, I feel suffocated even after half a day.”

“No way, we are all roommates. Don’t tell me you only found out about his character today!” 𝙞𝓷𝙣r𝚎𝓪𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝒎

“The servant disciple that Senior Brother Hua Feng mentioned today is Junior Brother Victor, right?”

“Yeah, Senior Brother Hua was looking forward to him participating in the sect competition this time. Who would have thought that this guy would actually turn a blind eye to this competition?”

“With his perseverance in cultivation, I’m willing to call Junior Brother Victor the strongest person!”

“Stop thinking about him. Let’s hurry up and eat. While we’re still here talking, he’s busy improving his cultivation level.”

Thinking of this, the three of them stopped talking and began to eat in big mouthfuls.


Five days later.

Martial Arts Peak, martial arts arena.

“Wang Ling! Wang Ling! Wang Ling...”

“Yang Mu! Yang Mu! Yang Mu...”

At this moment, the disciples below the stage were divided into two groups and cheered for the two people on the stage.

After the numerous challenges in the advancement competition, it was now the last day of the sect competition.

Wang Ling and Yang Mu were the last two disciples to compete in the final round.

On the stage.

Wang Ling and Yang Mu stood on both sides of the stage, staring at each other.

Wang Ling was tall and strong, with a determined look on his face.

On the other side, Yang Mu’s figure was not as tall as Wang Ling’s. His face was fair and clean, and there was a mocking smile at the corner of his mouth. His eyes were frivolous, as if he looked down on everyone.

“Senior Brother Wang Ling, we can be considered as the same batch of servant disciples. It’s just that you entered the Martial Arts Peak earlier than me, so I address you as a senior brother.”

Yang Mu suddenly changed the topic. “However, I will definitely take the throne today. Right now, you are no match for me.”

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