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Chapter 117 - The Full-Grade Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation , Obtained!

Chapter 117: The Full-Grade Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation , Obtained!

“System, begin to absorb!” Victor shouted in his mind.


An unknown force appeared and enveloped Victor’s entire body.

He frowned slightly. After enduring this pain for ten minutes, Victor felt refreshed all over.

The full-grade Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation had already been completely grasped by him.

Looking at the spell again, there were no secrets in his eyes.

Victor thought for a while, organized his words, and slowly said,

“Senior has set up 12 spiral spiritual energy rune nodes at the center of the nine-palace fire spell formation. The spiritual energy rune nodes can gather and separate the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, but friction between them will cause the loss of fire-type spiritual energy.

“At the same time, throwing the spiritual energy out and forcing on the spell formation wall will not only cause the formation to wear down, but it will also need to be repaired every four to five years. It will also cause the formation wall to leak and have holes. Thus the spiritual energy of heaven and earth will scatter. This is one of the reasons

“The second reason was that the distribution of the 36 revolving formation talismans in the fire formation was not reasonable. Because of the small distance in between, the energy and spiritual energy would affect each other and form a barrier.

“This would then cause the fire-type spiritual energy crystal to be damaged. A large amount of spiritual energy would scatter out and as it is unable to gather it would scatter again.

“The third reason…”

Victor continued to talk non-stop. Ye Lingxuan, who was listening by the side, was dumbfounded. There was only one word to describe her current mood. Amazing.

Most importantly, Taoist Priest Chi Lian, who had been sneering in the fire spell formation, had already gone silent.

Could Victor have been right about everything?

He was only 15 years old!

Even if he had a master who was the number one in the spell formation path, how did he learn it? What kind of terrifying comprehension was this?

Inside the nine palaces formation, Taoist Priest Chi Lian became more and more shocked the more he listened. 𝒊𝐧𝒏𝘳𝙚α𝙙. 𝘤𝗼𝐦

When Victor mentioned the 12 spiral spiritual energy rune nodes, he was stunned. The so-called spirit energy rune nodes and the revolving formation talisman were all things of ancient formations!

The unique ancient formation was incomplete after being passed down for so many generations until now. Any jade slip of the formation was an inheritance that spell formation masters dreamed of. Fighting over the jade slip might even cause a bloody storm!

This kid actually knew about the unique ancient formation? Who was his master?

Moreover, what shocked Taoist Priest Chi Lian the most was that Victor’s comprehension of the formation path could be said to be terrifying!

The unique ancient formation was extremely complicated and profound. Even if one had the best teacher, one would not be able to learn it without decades of effort. However, this youth in front of him was only 18 years old at most.

How could he see through the flaws in his formation?

In fact, the judgment that he had previously said, “when the spiritual energy rune nodes threw out the spirit energy and forced on the wall of the spell formation, not only will it cause the formation to wear out, it will need to be repaired every four to five years” was also very accurate, in the beginning, he did need to repair the formation every three and a half years. It was not until later that he added a precious material into the magic formation that he barely managed to reduce the time limit to ten years…

Where did this youth come from?

Victor spoke for a long time. The time Victor took to speak was equivalent to the time needed for an incense stick to burn. As for Taoist Priest Chi Lian who was within the fire formation, he fell into a long silence after Victor spoke. The frivolous killing intent from before had also been completely restrained.

Ye Lingxuan was at a complete loss for words. After a long while, Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s aged voice came from within the formation.

“What… what is your master’s name?”

Victor said, “My master is an expert that I met by chance when I was 12. As for his name, it was ever mentioned.”

“12… how old are you now?” Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s voice suddenly trembled.

“Senior, I am 15.”

“15? Haha! 15! Ridiculous! Ridiculous!”

As Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s maniacal voice rang out, the burning water within the nine-palace fire spell formation was pushed aside with a whoosh.

His face was sickly pale, and his eyes were filled with loneliness and bitterness.

“A 15-year-old child… he has only cultivated the formation for three years, yet he can point out the flaws in the nine-palace fire spell formation that I spent 20 years setting up! Laughable! Pathetic!”

Victor had originally wanted to point out the flaws in Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s formation and then suggest possible improvements. In exchange, he wanted Taoist Priest Chi Lian to forge a sword for him.

But he didn’t expect that this had damaged him a little too much.

This old man was already mentally unstable, and now he was on the verge of going crazy.

Victor pondered for a moment, then cupped his hands and said, “Senior, you must be joking. In three years, I’ve only learned a limited number of formations.

“Senior’s nine-palace fire spell formation happened to be similar to one of the formations my master taught me. That’s why I was able to point out a few mistakes.”

“In the past three years, I have “only” learned a few formations… Hahaha!”

The corner of Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s mouth kept twitching.

Victor made it sound easy. Formations were things that were built up step by step. If one didn’t have a solid foundation, how could one learn a high-level formation like the nine-palace fire spell formation? What’s more, it was an extremely complicated ancient formation!

“There is always someone better than you. You can only look at the sky from the bottom of a well, that’s all!” Taoist Priest Chi Lian looked up at the sky and let out a long sigh. He tore open the nine-palace fire spell formation with one hand, leaving a crack for one person to pass through. Then, he turned around and left slowly, as if he had lost his soul.

Victor hesitated for a moment, then followed Taoist Priest Chi Lian into the nine-palace fire spell formation.

“Victor, did your master teach you the unique ancient formation?” Ye Lingxuan took a long time to accept this unbelievable fact.

Hearing Ye Lingxuan’s question, Victor felt a little awkward. He didn’t want to lie to Ye Lingxuan, but now that he had said it, he could only continue lying, “I don’t know what the unique ancient formation is. I just learned what was taught by my master. In fact, I can’t set it up at all. I just know a little bit about it.”

To set up such a large-scale formation, one had to at least be at the foundation establishment realm. Victor naturally didn’t have the ability to do so.

Ye Lingxuan didn’t expect Victor to have a master. If Victor’s master was at the foundation establishment realm or the spiritual pedestal realm, she wouldn’t be surprised at all.

After all, the talent that Victor displayed was absolutely impossible for people to believe that he was a commoner cultivator. However, after hearing Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s dejected sigh, this master of Victor’s was very likely to be an important being who had ascended into the great world.

The two followed closely into Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s residence. It was a cave-dwelling located at the center of the nine-palace fire spell formation. Perhaps due to the long period of spiritual energy being roasted, the cave dwelling’s rock walls had already been burnt to a dark red color.

Inside the cave-dwelling, there were scattered formation flags, formation jade slips, formation disks, and other miscellaneous items. Besides the miscellaneous items, there were two wooden puppets. They were probably servant puppets that were taking care of Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s meals and living.

Looking at these, Victor could only imagine that if a person who lived in such a place every day, facing formations and puppets all day long for one to two hundred years, even an ordinary person would develop mental problems.

“You can stay here today. My mood today is no longer suitable to forge swords for you. Tomorrow, the furnace will open!”

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 117 - The Full-Grade Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation , Obtained!