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Chapter 102 - Qingyun Sect and Victor Are Famous Throughout the World!

Chapter 102: Qingyun Sect and Victor Are Famous Throughout the World!


Hearing the sect master’s reply, the elder was a little stunned.

“Just do as I say, and give another one to his sect!” Zhao Chengtian added.

Although the foundation establishment pill was hard to find and refine, the Heavenly Sword Mountain could refine more than 20 pills every three years.

Taking out one, although it was a little painful, was still affordable.

In the future, even if Victor really joined the Green Dragon Mountain, he would always have a good impression of the Heavenly Sword Mountain because of this matter.

Zhao Chengtian could see that Victor’s personality was very similar to Qin Yu’s. This kind of cultivator paid attention to having a clear conscience, and being ungrateful was not in line with their style.

Using two foundation establishment pills and an Earth-grade spirit sword to befriend a genius cultivator with excellent talent was absolutely worth it!

Moreover, even if his Heavenly Sword Mountain didn’t give it to him, when the Green Dragon Mountain wanted to take Victor away, they might even promise Victor even more resources.

Through providing resources to Victor, he could at least ask for 20 foundation establishment pills and a certain amount of middle-grade spirit stones when asking the Green Dragon Mountain for compensation.

Therefore, no matter what, the Heavenly Sword Mountain wouldn’t suffer a loss by giving out rewards.

“Yes, sect leader. I’ll go do it right away.”

The elder took his leave.


“Elder Song, congratulations! Your Qingun Sect has really made a name for yourself this time.”

“It’s not just a name, it’s simply earth-shattering!”

In the audience stands, a few sect leaders and elders from the outside world congratulated Song Xiuwen.

Although they said it nicely, they were actually burning with jealousy in their hearts.

Whoever won first place in the grand competition would be rewarded with a foundation establishment pill.

This was a special bonus for the external sects, but the prerequisite was that the disciple had to join the Heavenly Sword Mountain.

However, for Victor, he had more choices.

It was the foundation establishment pill. Only 20 pills were produced every three years. On average, there were less than ten pills a year!

Excluding the personal disciples of the seven great mountain peaks, as well as some of the elders’ direct family connections.

The other disciples were given a pitifully small share. Many disciples clearly had a great chance of breaking into the foundation establishment realm, but because they lacked foundation establishment pills, they had no choice but to die of old age at the peak of the 13th level of the spirit gathering realm.

Zhang Lingren of the Qingyun sect was already considered old. With Zhang Lingren’s talent, if he obtained a foundation establishment pill, his immortal path would definitely soar.

The Qingyun Sect would definitely become the number one sect in the outside world!

Thinking that Zhang Lingren could be a foundation establishment cultivator in the future, these people had no choice but to come and congratulate him humbly.

Song Xiuwen had just come back to his senses. He felt as if he was dreaming. He smiled and said, “This is all Victor’s own hard work. The Qingyun Sect only benefited from it.”

After all, Song Xiuwen had never thought that Victor would have such a result. He only wanted to let Victor shine in the competition.

He never once considered Victor to enter the top ten. The top 20 was already good enough for him. After all, this was his first time. Moreover, Victor who was at the ninth level of the spirit gathering realm did not have an advantage over the geniuses of the Heavenly Sword Mountain.

It was only after Victor’s continuous display of talent that Song Xiuwen faintly felt that Victor had the strength to enter the top ten.

However, Song Xiuwen never expected that he had still underestimated victor.

Victor had won the championship even though it was his first time participating in the grand competition. As for his opponents, Shangshan Cherong and Qin Yu, they were the top geniuses of the Heavenly Sword Mountain in the past hundred years.

At this moment, Song Xiuwen suddenly thought of something. He squeezed through the crowd and found Wang Ce of the Xuanming Sect.

Song Xiuwen cupped his fists and said with a smile, “Sect Master Wang, we previously agreed on the matter of the spirit fruit. Do you think we can set a date today? I can ask Victor to arrange the itinerary.”

If Wang Ce still had resentment in his heart before, he wouldn’t dare to do so now.

What kind of status did Victor have now? In the future, he could become a foundation establishment realm expert at the very least. He could even break through to the spiritual pedestal realm.

Such a figure was not someone that a puny Xuanming Sect master like him could offend.

He squeezed out a forced smile and said, “Elder Song, you must be joking. Little Brother Victor can come to our Xuanming Sect whenever you are free. We are always ready to wait for you.”

Wang Ce smiled helplessly. When encountering such a matter, he could only bow his head and smile obsequiously to be on good terms with them. Other than that, what else could he do?


The easternmost part of the Heavenly Sword Mountain, the Eastern Sea.

There were countless islands in the Eastern Sea. In the Eastern Sea, there was an unworldly secret realm. In this secret realm, there were also countless islands.

However, these islands were suspended in the sky. The scenery on the islands were beautiful. There are beautiful jade buildings. Some people had even seen dragons circling around the immortal island.

The people who went out to sea all year round had seen the mirage. Many people wanted to find the immortal island after hearing about it.

However, they could only see it. When they really went to look for it, they could not find it no matter what.

This was the location of the top fourth-grade mystic realm sect, Green Dragon Mountain.

The Green Dragon mystic realm floated in the air, on the largest island in the middle of the Green Dragon Islands.

The first elder had just finished a month of closed-door cultivation. Using the blood of the Ice Glass Flood Dragon and various precious natural treasures, the evolution of the Crystal Jade Flood Dragon had completed.

At this moment, the great elder received a voice transmission from Ye Lingyun.

The voice transmission detailed the whole process of the Heavenly Sword Mountain competition. It also included Ye Lingyun’s evaluation of Victor.

After reading it, the great elder was stunned. She didn’t expect Ye Lingyun to have such a high evaluation for Victor.

As long as he didn’t suffer from a downfall, he would definitely reach the foundation establishment stage in the future. Moreover, his combat strength would surpass the foundation establishment cultivators of the same level?

The great elder took a deep breath. With such an evaluation, Victor’s talent was probably not inferior to her own back then!

“This little guy is really…”

The great elder suddenly laughed. No matter what, she definitely couldn’t let such a talent go, especially now that the Green Dragon Mountain was in the midst of hiring people.

Thinking of this, the great elder patted the head of the Crystal Jade flood dragon beside her and said, “Little Yu, follow me to the Heavenly Sword Mountain.”

The Crystal Jade Flood Dragon had just completed its evolution. After a month of pain, it was too lazy to move. When it heard the great elder’s words, its big eyes rolled and it groaned a few times.

The great elder smiled and said, “You lazy worm, it’s only a million miles. We can use a teleportation spell to travel the first 800,000 miles. You only need to fly 200,000 miles.”

The Crystal Jade Flood Dragon immediately let out a cry when it heard that it had to fly a full 200,000 miles.

Of course, even though it was unwilling, it still had to obey the great elder. It stood up unwillingly with a helpless look on its face.

The great elder found it funny in her heart. After thinking about it, she suddenly said, “Little Yu, as long as you are obedient, I will reward you the best ice crystal stone to eat when we arrive.”

Although the Crystal Jade Flood Dragon had completed its evolution, its structure was still in its infancy. Therefore, eating was its greatest pursuit.

Hearing the great elder’s words, the Crystal Jade Flood Dragon’s eyes immediately lit up. It wagged its tail and could not wait to set off.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 102 - Qingyun Sect and Victor Are Famous Throughout the World!