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Villainous Young Master's Otherworldly Harem
Chapter 280 Solving Crime With Divination

Jun Tianyun took out the Heavenly Luopan from his God's Space as he opened it.

Cai Ningxue was startled when she saw Jun Tianyun using the luopan.

" Hah, Chief Cai, You believe in superstitions?"

A young policeman appeared before Cai Ningxue as he chuckled. " You think he will calculate the past and future of this case?"

Cai Ningxue looked at the young man as she couldn't help but snort lightly.

" Mr. Ling, I think you should focus on your job first."

Ling Mo looked at Jun Tianyun as he couldn't help but scoff. When Cai Ningxue transferred to the Azure Wind City branch, Ling Mo has been eyeing her.

" But Chief Cai, isn't it against the rule to get an outsider in a crime scene?" Ling Mo chuckled. " Then, aren't you breaking the rule?"

Cai Ningxue couldn't help but get annoyed. " If the case will be solved, does it matter what method I follow?"

" You…"

Ling Mo looked at Jun Tianyun as he couldn't help but snort. " You must be a pretty experienced charlatan. Tell me, how many people do you deceive every day?"

Jun Tianyun ignored Ling Mo as he looked at Cai NIngxue.

" Li Anzhi, Born in 16th August, 1985. Lunar month, Lesser Yin day."

" Last night, He came back from work at 7:30 PM. His wife cooked Fish Soup, Stif Fried Fish, Rice, and…" 𝗶𝚗𝙣𝘳𝐞𝑎𝒅. 𝐜om

" His children already came back from outside at 6 PM."

" As you can see, the family of five started to dine together. However, the argument started shortly, around 8 PM."

" The argument grew as Li Anzhi and his wife started the argument. His wife threw the hot Fish soup and threw on her mother in law."

" Li Anzhi got enraged as he choked his wife and dragged her away. The old woman was enraged as he used the chair and slammed on the children."

" The youngest get enraged as he picked up the fork and pierced the old lady's neck. The old lady slammed both children's heads before dying shortly."

" Li Anzhi choked his wife to death as his wife tried to claw down his body. However, as his wife died, Li Anzhi committed suicide."

The entire place turned quiet as Jun Tianyun narrated the event. Even Cai Ningxue was shocked as she stared at Jun Tianyun.

Ling Mo was stunned as he shouted. " Bring me the forensic reports!"

Ling Mo flipped through the file as his expression turned complicated. He suddenly pulled out his pistol and pointed at Jun Tianyun.

" Hand's up! I believe you are the suspect!"

Cai Ningxue was enraged. " Ling Mo, You dare!"

" What?!" Ling Mo looked at Jun Tianyun. " Didn't he narrate the event perfectly? How could he know everything with such precision? Didn't it feel like he watched the entire thing?"

Jun Tianyun shrugged. " Well, I did what you said. I just calculated the past and saw what happened last night."

" Ling Mo, lower your gun! He is my assistant whom I hired!" Cai Ningxue spoke in a cold voice. Ling Mo's expression turned complicated as he looked at Jun Tianyun.

Jun Tianyun chuckled as he looked at Ling Mo. " Sir, According to my calculation, your face is going to turn into shit in 5 seconds."

" Huh? What do you mean?" Ling Mo's face darkened. " Are you trying to curse me?"

However, at that moment, A crow cawed above him as it dumped a fat shit on Ling Mo's head.

" Ahhh! What the fuck!"

Ling Mo screamed as he was enraged. But he was also shocked as he rushed to clean his head.

Every police officer was creeped out when they saw Jun Tianyun smiling. Jun Tianyun only showed his fingers as he deactivated the Wheel of Fortune.

" Just some calculation."

" Anyway, Back to the case."

A happy family of five, turning into such bloodthirsty mad beasts and killing each other like that. It felt so creepy and haunted.

" So, Jun Tianyun, Since you know already that much, have you found any other party?" Cai Ningxue asked.

Jun Tianyun shook his head. " You knew the answer already. There wasn't anyone other than these five in the house."

" Then, What happened to make all five of them turn into like that?" Cai Ningxue was confused.

Jun Tianyun smiled mysteriously. " Well, The thing you are looking for is actually this…"

Jun Tianyun pointed at a small cat statue. It was very small, as the size of one's palm. Cai Ningxue wore her gloves as she picked it up.

" Try channeling a bit of your Internal Energy."

Cai Ningxue nodded as she used her Internal Energy. Suddenly, she felt her mind turning numb as she felt dizzy.

" Ugh! What is this thing?"

Cai Ningxue was surprised as she threw the small cat statue. Jun Tianyun nodded as he spoke.

" You can say it is like a curse. It emits a type of frequency. Once normal people come under its influence, they become aggressive and bloodthirsty. They lose control and their bestial instincts are activated."

" But of course, It only affects normal people. A Martial Artist won't get affected much." Jun Tianyun spoke.

" Now, To build a connection, I believe other crime scenes must be this type of thing."

Cai Ningxue was enlightened as she looked at Jun Tianyun. " Huh? So, you are saying someone using curses and hallucination to kill their targets without any suspicions?"

" Bingo!"

Ling Mo remained silent as he looked at Jun Tianyun. " Even if that's the case, How are we going to prove that? Not to mention, finding out where they got this thing will be very hard."

" Is that so?" Jun Tianyun chuckled as he picked up the small statue of the cat.

His Eyes of Fortune shone as the Heavenly Luopan's needle rotated.

The world around him faded as it turned into chromatic. Jun Tianyun could see a black string attached to the cat's statue as reversed the scene and peeked at the past.

" Bring me a paper and pencil."

Jun Tianyun took the pencil and started to scribble something. Cai Ningxue understood as she knew what Jun Tianyun was drawing/ Soom, Jun Tianyun managed to make an impressive, life like portrait.

" You are trying to find this person. His last location was at the 5th building in Heinan area."

Everyone became stunned when they saw the portrait Jun Tianyun made.

"Does it even need digitalization?"

" What the hell, It is clear as a mirror. It almost looks like someone used a filter on a real photo."

Cai Ningxue took the paper as she handed it to Ling Mo, " Take this and get this man to me. I need results asap."

Jun Tianyun pondered as he looked at Cai Ningxue. " So, Was I helpful enough?"

" Haha, Why not?" Cai Ningxue chuckled. " But then, Why don't you join our Criminal Investigation Department?"

" Sister Ningxue, You know my answer." Jun Tianyun smiled wryly. " I don't like those tedious jobs. Also, Am I not helping you whenever you ask?"

" Hmm, You even rejected the offer of True Martial Order. What is your plan, Jun Tianyun?" Cai Ningxue looked at Jun Tianyun. Jun Tianyun shrugged.

" Well, Since the case is solved, should I not get my reward?"

Cai Ningxue chuckled. " Oh, Is that so? What do you need for reward, huh?"

" Hmm, How about a little kiss?"

Cai Ningxue was stunned when she heard Jun Tianyun. Jun Tianyun laughed as he looked away.

" Haha, Sister Ningxue, I was joking obviously. Look, How are you blushing."

However, Before Jun Tianyun could react, Cai Ningxue's lips landed on Jun Tianyun and she kissed his lips.

It was a gentle and quick kiss, but it was enough to mesmerize Jun Tianyun.

" Sister Ningxue, You…"

Jun Tianyun rubbed his lips as he looked at Cai Ningxue, who already turned around.

" Well, It's not like our first kiss anyway. But, D-Don't think about it much. I was just returning your favor."

Cai Ningxue blushed when she remembered the scene of her and Jun Tianyun kissing each other passionately in the abandoned factory.

Jun Tianyun was stunned as a smile cracked on his lips. Jun Tianyun held the cat statue as he threw it away.

" But to think, there are such masters in this world. So much fun it is, ah…"

Jun Tianyun chuckled as he sat in his car as he returned to his house. Jun Tianyun returned to his villa he went to his huge courtyard first.

He sat there as he started to meditate.

However, suddenly, his surroundings vanished and Jun Tianyun felt dizzy.

Jun Tianyun opened his eyes as he saw a golden panel hovering before her.

" What is it, Miss World Law?"

The golden screen lit up as rows of words appeared before him.

" Oh, Little Jun is surely working hard. You aren't even surprised of me anymore, ah."

Jun Tianyun sighed as he spoke, " Speak, what do you wish from me?"

" Will you accept a quest from me?"

Jun Tianyin raised his eyebrows when he heard that. " Quest, you say? Let me think. If the payment is good, then…"

" Oh, believe me, It will be." The golden screen lit up.

" So, Here is the deal. I know you already know Jiang Shu. I want you to go to the Planet Gaia, and conquer it."





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Villainous Young Master's Otherworldly Harem Chapter 280 Solving Crime With Divination