Unsealing Emptiness
Chapter 60

?Chapter 60: Just a distance away.

Ozul glared at the blonde middle-aged man that appeared with his subordinates.

He got out of his stupor only when he saw the small part of men in robes also rushing in towards his group.

They were nothing special, only a Rank-7 Fighter leading many weak Rank-4 and some Rank-5 Mages.

Ozul wanted nothing more than to head straight in the formation to retrieve his leg back, but those people wearing robes were annoying.

No one hesitated and charged right at each other.

In the first place, there were tens of them charging at Ozul’s team, and while they may be weak individually, those people were somehow able to combine their spells to increase its strength!

It made them realize that this battle had no cannon fodder, as even those weakest here could combine their Spells to amplify the output!

This situation caused Ozul not to be able to advance steadily. Raven and Blaze were also only Rank-5 Mages. Although stronger than every Rank-5 Mage here, they were barely powerful enough for this fight.


Just as they collided with the enemies on this side, Duke Edwin also led his men to attack Leader Podas on the other.

Duke Edwin went straight towards the limb, but Podas confronted him, blocking his path.

Most of Eclipse’s Order members were fighting with the forces that Duke Edwin had brought with him.

There was only a single Rank-7 Mage with Duke Edwin, while Eclipse’s Order had two of them!

Edwin gritted his teeth when he realized that the situation was not in his favour. He should have brought some help!

But there is no medicine for regret, so he braced himself and began to think of a way for him to retrieve the leg.

However, no matter how much he tried to think of a way, he could not find any way for him to get to the limb without endangering his life.

Since that was the case, he could only fight with his life on the line! Going back without the leg would make his life miserable anyway.

Time was of the essence as the leg was continuously depleted of its energy.

Back on Ozul’s side, He had noticed how Edwin also wanted to retrieve the leg before it became useless to him.

So, for now, Ozul did not bother to attack any of Edwin’s men and focused on the Eclipse’s Order. Preventing the leg to dry out of its energy was the priority right now.

Even though he was there were men in front of him, Ozul did not stop his approach. The Rank-7 Fighter snickered when he looked at Ozul;

“Ho? Kids these days don’t realize their limits. tsk tsk.”- Rank-7 Fighter said as he gestured one of his men to attack.

Ozul had enough of these annoying flies as he split the Ball of Purity into tens of black blades. The blades started rotating around him with rising momentum.

A few seconds later, Rank-5 Mages couldn’t even come near 1 meter of Ozul!

The blades rotated at such a speed that it looked as if there was a storm around Ozul. Some Rank-6 Fighters tried to test their luck, but they were pushed out just as they stepped near him with lethal injuries!

After looking at their comrade’s injuries, several Eclipse’s Order members were infuriated. Nevertheless, they did not dare to step up and try to stop Ozul.

They might have strong camaraderie, but their lives were the priority. They were not stupid enough to play with a fire they could not afford to mess up with.

The Rank-7 Fighter scoffed at his men’s cowardice, but he could not blame them. Foolishly giving away their lives was not something anyone could do.

Much less them, who were part of an evil cult!

It seemed as if it was time for him to make a move. He was curious about the boy with blades’ storm around him. Though, at the same time, he was also confident in his own abilities.

He did not think that those tiny blades could even leave a scratch on his skin.

As he stepped near Ozul with his head held high and a confident sneer plastered on his face, he realized just how wrong he was!

His left arm looked maimed! His whole left side was left with deep cuts as he was thrown back because of the force.

How could he have known that a ‘simple’ Spell from just a kid could do so much damage to him!?

But more than anything else, he was shuddering in fear! Just as he was getting closer to Ozul, he had seen the look on his face.

The cold eyes seemed to penetrate any material existence! Even when he was in the presence of Leader Podas, he did not feel such a sense of helplessness.

It felt like no matter what he did; there was no way for him to stand a chance against that kid.

He gained a blank look on his face when Ozul just passed by and did not spare a look at him. It seemed that he was not even worth a glance!

Ozul sped towards the glass box which held his leg. Just at this moment, one of the Rank-7 Mages of the Eclipse’s Order noticed him.

He was teaming up with his partner to overpower the Rank-7 Mage brought by Edwin, but it seemed as though he was needed to stop this kid.

Ozul’s advance was again disrupted by the giant fireball directed towards him.

The blades’ storm around Ozul would be able to defend against the fireball, but blocking in this way would cause harm to him. So, he stopped the blades and formed a thin layer of shield against it.

It also irked Ozul to no end. His leg was just a few distances apart from him and yet he could not get a hold of it! How infuriating!

Since these guys were so set on him not being able to approach his own ‘part’, then he would just erase them and move on.

With such a thought, Ozul removed the shield and glared towards the Rank-7 Mage that had cast the Fireball Spell earlier.

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Unsealing Emptiness Chapter 60