Unsealing Emptiness
Chapter 50


The file only contained the necessary information that they already received from Borin.

But since it also detailed the location of each reported incident inside the Azmar City, this would be a great help for them. At least now they knew where to start.

Ozul stood up and left as Raven and Blaze followed right after him when they had obtained everything they needed.

When they came back home, Raven could not hold back her curiosity any longer. She said;

“Why did you tell him the detail? What if... something had happened to you?”- Worry was evident in her tone. Blaze was also worried and was eager to hear Ozul’s answer.

“Do you think that when Duke Edwin invested so much just to search for an item... other nobles wouldn’t notice?”-

“Oliver would hear this news sooner or later... So, it doesn’t matter.”- Ozul explained.

“Besides, the contract cannot harm me in any way.”-Ozul said as confusion appeared on the duo’s face.


“Why can’t it harm you?”- Raven asked. If this was some sort of unique technique, she also wanted to learn.

“Why?... it’s because the contract binds itself to the person’s heart.”- Ozul said while he kept walking, but Raven and Blaze just stood there trying to ‘decipher’ his words.

‘If it binds to the person’s heart, why can’t it harm him?!’- Raven and Blaze had the same thought.

They recovered from their stupor only when they word Ozul’s soft words in the distance;

“... and I don’t have one...”- It seemed as if Ozul was self-contemplating rather than clearing Raven and Blaze’s doubts.

But these words only confused them further! What does Ozul mean by, ‘He doesn’t have one’? Does he really not have a physical heart?!

It was hard for Blaze to accept that a human can live without a heart. But Raven was not as shocked as him, because she knew that Ozul also didn’t have any blood!

“What? Afraid of following a ‘real’ Devil’s Spawn?”- Ozul said when he saw that both stood still at their spots.

He obviously perceived their emotions and knew that there was only confusion in their minds.

But when they heard his words, the hurriedly composed themselves and replied;

“Hmph! You doubt that I would leave for such a petty reason?”- Raven said.

“I’m a demon. If I won’t follow the Devil, what will I live for?”- Blaze replied.

“Hm...”- Ozul clearly did not care one bit for their speech as he already knew what their answer would be.

. . .

When they arrived back home, In the living room stood Raven and Blaze before Ozul. Blaze asked;

“With just this much data, how can we locate the culprits?”- There was not much information, to begin with.

They only had the locations marked where the incidents happened the most. And that too, only of Azmar City.

“The culprits cannot be too far away from the incident sites... They would have to give occasional commands to the Beasts.”- Ozul said.

“And we will just have to follow these Beasts back to them!”- Raven finished the explanation.

“The attacks of the Beasts are only to cause unrest in public, which will cause quite a commotion. But kidnapping the children seems like some sort of their short term objective.”- Raven began to explain everything to Blaze.

“We will most likely only reach back to the culprits if we follow the kidnapped children.”- She added further.

Raven had learned to restrain herself a little after the scolding from Ozul. So she did not mind explaining the plan to Blaze.

“We will spread around these areas... remember, we are dealing with the unknown... be cautious.”- Ozul said while pointing towards some locations marked on the map of Azmar City.

However, the Sun was still up in the sky. And there would rarely be any kidnappings or incidents when people could quickly notice.

They all trained for the whole day. This time even Ozul put some effort into improving. He had a hunch that this entire situation isn’t as simple as it seems.

The Silverbird Kingdom is one of the powerhouses in the whole continent! Any ordinary cult wouldn’t dare to mess around near the Capital City!

And not only that, but they also managed to steal from the Duke! And why was Duke Edwin so anxious to retrieve this item? It was also a mystery.

This time, Ozul decided to train under the sunlight! He had many advantages while he was in dark surroundings, but this did not mean that he should not do something about his weakness under the light!

Light not only slowdowns his reaction speed, but the Ball of Purity also needs more of his focus to maintain under the intense sunlight!

Running away from the light was not an option. Either Ozul perfects his control over his powers, or run away every time he sees any form of light!

He had always wanted to thin out Ball of Purity to such an extent that he could cover his whole figure with black mist that would not let sunlight enter.

But controlling even a finger worth of Ball of Purity in that state tires him out! Also, it would not be suitable during battles.

Hence, Ozul started working on perfecting his control over the Ball of Purity. It may take some time, so he had another idea that could work during this period when the light still affected his abilities.

What may that be? Raven. Ozul himself cannot create new Spells or something as he never used Mana. But what if he can have Raven use a Spell to help him out?

He wanted Raven to create the Spell only because she was probably more suitable for this kind of Spell.

“Raven, tell me... Can you create a kind of Spell that... can spread black mist all around you?”- Ozul asked.

Raven and Blaze had it better than Ozul in this matter. Ozul had to individually control all the Ball of Purity, while Blaze and Raven just had to put enough intent during the casting, and then they could divert their attention.

Blaze could also use his Ice a little bit like Ozul, but he had also started learning to cast the Spell properly.

“Of course, I can. But it may take a few days.”- Raven said happily. There were not many times when Ozul would ask for her help!

Ozul nodded and went back to his training. His training, though, only consisted of focusing, only tediously keeping his focus!

The more familiar he gets with it, the easier it will be the next time he used Ball of Purity. The intense sunlight did break his focus a few times, but he kept at it.

It also motivated Raven and Blaze to train even harder as Ozul was lazy by nature, and yet he was also putting so much effort!

. . .

Night fell as the silence reigned everywhere. The recent events had frightened the common populace. People were unwilling to leave their houses in the dark.

At this time, Ozul and the duo spread out around the City. Unfortunately, they spent the whole night and couldn’t find any trace of the culprits.

They could not be blamed as their area of search was the whole City while they were only three!

On the second night, Ozul saw a group of Rank-4 Beasts! He followed them back, but as he expected, the Beasts were only repeating their tasks.

Ozul killed them all, but he did not fail to notice the weird glow in their eyes! He had not seen such a light in any other Beasts’ eyes. Maybe it was related to how the culprits were controlling these Beasts?

This failure though did not discourage them. The trio knew that it would be a miracle if they could find the culprits so quickly on the first day.

They spent a few days searching until...

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Unsealing Emptiness Chapter 50