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Unlimited Items Shop System
Chapter 183 Possession

Shao Ren's eyes narrowed, "This time I will not hesitate to use that."

As Shao Ren said, a massive amount of energy was released from his body and rushed around him wildly. He was bathed in an unearthly black light, and the hair on his head grew longer and fell like waves to his shoulders. With a flash of blinding red light, two horns burst from his forehead, curling back behind his ears. His eyes turned an even deeper red as a lupine grin spread across his face. A thick pelt grew over the rest of his body, hiding his musculature but enhancing it with shadow. His shoes burst apart into cloven hooves.

"Ren alone isnt enough to defeat him, there is no choice," Yang Guifei bite her lips, then she closed her eyes, and like Shao Ren from her body waves of energy released in all directions.

This energy was calm and peaceful, and soon Yang Guifei's body started to change. her leg trembled and a golden radiance, like fire, blazed up around it. A steady pulse of light pulsed around her body, rippling through her dress in waves, Her black eyes turned and became the golden color of yin-yang discs, a big golden saber in her hand that glowed with holy energy, so was her body surrounded by a nimbus glow of golden light. The bath in holy energy took on a golden tinge.

"Oh... you two used possession, it's unfortunate, my aim was to catch you two without any injuries but possession side effects are too much, I failed my mission," The man sighed and said.

"Possession?" Ye Kai frowned.

[Possession: Possession is a technique all chosen one can do, this possession technique allows chosen one to integrate with their guardian to obtain the power of the pinnacle of Martial Artist, however after using the possession the chosen one cultivation will fall back to zero]

"Pinnacle of Martial Art, means Martial Art Emperor High Level Stage," Ye Kai thought and felt outstanding.

Ye Kai himself was incapable of reaching Martial Art Emperor Low Grade, let alone High Grade, Ye Kai was able to gain the power of Martial Art King through his system but he couldn't get the power of Martial Art Emperor, to gain the power of Martial Art Emperor he needed to be Martial Art Elder Low Grade.

"But if Ren gain power of Martial Art Emperor High Grade then why did Guifei also used possession?" Fraz wondered.

"Because this man seemed way stronger than a typical Emperor High Grade," Ye Kai said then he looked at him and spoke, "your still here."

"Yes," Fraz answers enthusiastically, "I can't be part away with you until you tell me how your found my real self."

"Hm, well, I have ability that let me see other person name, gender, where are they from and which organizations or group they are associated with it," Ye Kai shrugged and said.

"Oh, very useful ability," Fraz chuckled and said.

Shao Ren attacked the man with his fist, but the man dodge without effort but just he dodged, behind him was Yang Guifei who was ready to pierce him with her saber.

However, The man dodged barely, his cheeks gave the line of blood, he stood on the ground and touched his cheek and he saw blood as he laughed, "Never imagined I will see my blood after soo many centuries by hands of some small island children."

"Very well," The man had smiled and looked at Shao Ren and Yang Guifei, "My name is Charles Mountfill, but you can call me Char."

"Did your skill let you see his name and where are from he?" Fraz asked.

"I can only see other name and other details if they are Martial Artist but this Charlse man... he isn't Martial Artists but a Spiritual Artists, it's only because of this island restriction that he isn't using Spiritual Energy," Ye Kai said.

"Oh, so isn't that mean we can't defeat him even all of us use possession ability," Fraz frowned and said.

"Yeah, just tiny spiritual energy is enough to kill us, and he can use that tiny spiritual energy without any problem, so from the start we are doomed."

"Haha, there is still a way out of this crisis isn't it," Fraz smiled and looked at Ye Kai.

"Of course there is, but if you want to use that way then you have to became part of Shao Ren team, do you agree with that," Ye Kai smiled and said.

"Oh, haha okay let's do that, I don't have any way out this, if I tried to ran then Char will notice it right away, so I can't sneak out, so if you save me from this then I'm more than willing to join your team," Fraz bowed and said.

"Okay," Ye Kai smiled and said.

Then he saw Shao Ren, Yang Guifei, and Charles fighting, sensing that Charles was eyeing at him Ye Kai couldn't do anything.

Ye Kai turned and he walked to Kirin, he saw Kirin and Miyu together, Miyu was underneath Kirin and two of them were covered in blood, unconscious from the impact.

"Let's heal them and wake them up," Ye Kai said to himself and he squatted near them, bringing out potions he spray on them.

In just some minutes Miyu opened her eyes and she felt something soft on her face, as darkness covered her eyes, she didn't know what it was but she swung her hand to remove whatever it was on her body.


Miyu heard a yelp from the girl, she turned and saw it was Kirin who was on top of her, Miyu's eyes twitch as anger rise in her heart, but she suppressed it, then her attention went to the battle that was happening between Shao Ren, Yang Guifei and that man.

"Sorry but can you use possession, I don't think Shao Ren and Yang Guifei can hold any longer."

Miyu heard a voice and she saw it was Ye Kai, Miyu sighed and looked at the battle, "I don't have problem but I don't think there would be any changes even if I join the battle."

"I know, just distract the man and I will handle to rest," Ye Kai said with a smile.

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Unlimited Items Shop System Chapter 183 Possession