Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 920 Change Of Schedule

While Yue Ling busied herself with her subordinates at De L'amour, Grandfather Ji had dropped Ji Jingxu at school. He sat in the backseat of the white Rolls Royce and watched the boy walk through the gate entrance of the school.

When he sees the boy meet up with Zhuang Li, a faint smile curls on his lips. He remembers how the two young boys stood up for one another, and it brought him down memory lane of him and his friends.

How he misses the old times with his friends...


Before his memories could trail too deep, the voice of his assistant brought him back to reality.

He didn't answer but watched as Ji Jingxu disappeared from his sight. He looks away, and a stern expression washes over him.

"Go. Time is not on my side."

Zhong Yang stares at his boss from the rearview mirror and nods his head once. There was no need to ask further questions as he knew where to go.

As the white Rolls Royces drove away from the school, Ji Jingxu stopped in front of the school doors. His head slightly tilts to the side before turning back to look in the direction he had come.

Zhuang Li noticed this and stopped in his tracks too. He turns around to look at his friend, then follows the boy's gaze.

"What is it? Did you forget something?"

Ji Jingxu lightly shook his head. However, the space between his eyebrows creases into three tight lines.

"Inu wasn't in the car."

Hearing this, Zhuang Li frowns in puzzlement. He looked at his friend and pursed his lips.

"Inu? Who's that?"

"Jie's baby."

Ji Jingxu subconsciously answers as he stares at the school gates. He was confused since Inu was staying with them and the Samoyed never left his grandfather's side.

It was as if the two were connected at the hips. However, he had only realized that the little guy was nowhere in sight.

Unaware of what was going on in Ji Jingxu's head, Zhuang Li's jaw dropped to the floor. He stares with wide eyes at his friend.

"Y-your sister has a baby? Since when?"

Ji Jingxu came to his senses when he heard the question. He rolled his eyes and wanted to say something but caught himself in time.

He turns around and continues on his way to his classroom.

"Inu is my Jie's dog. He is family and our Ji family's baby."

The words escaped his lips and he thought about his sister's unborn child. If the tragic accident didn't happen, he would have had a nephew or a niece.

As he walked towards his classroom, he concluded that Inu was left at the Ji Mansion. This is the only reason why Inu wasn't with his grandfather.

Oblivious to the things that were going on, back at Yue Ling and Lu Tian's home, the aloof man had stayed in the study room since his wife left for work.

He sat behind his desk with eyes on the monitor and fingers typing away on the keyboard. His usual stern expression was replaced with one of seriousness.

The clicking of the keyboard that echoed inside the room soon comes to a halt.

He lets out a sigh and leans back on the chair. His arms fold over his chest, and he stares at the monitor screen covered in codes.


He had hacked into Imperial's database to track the person also searching for Choi Li Sun, but it was exactly as Qin Jun had told him.

Each time he got closer to finding this person, he was suddenly thrown into a loophole. It was like a person finally reaching the top of a mountain after climbing, only to be pushed off by a sudden gust of wind.

In the many years of hacking, there has only been a hand full of times when he reached a wall, and this time was no different.

He knit his brows for a split second before unfolding his arms. His fingers return to the keyboard and one corner of his mouth curls up.

"Challenge accepted."

It's been a while since he's hacked anything. He is now interested in finding who this person is behind the screen.

Meanwhile, at De L'amour, Yue Ling had left the design room and returned to her office. She stepped out of the elevator and ran into her secretary.

"Oh, CEO Han."

Jiang Shengyi was surprised to run into her boss. She takes a step back and gestures a polite bow.

"I was just coming to find you."

Yue Ling nods at the woman in greeting and steps out of the elevator. When she arrived, she was preoccupied with her design team that she didn't see her secretary, let alone stayed in her office.

She notices the tablet the woman was holding and gives a smile.

"Is that this week's schedule?"

Jiang Shengyi nods and stretches out her hands while holding the tablet.

"I've arranged everything accordingly to your availability."

Unlocking the screen, Yue Ling scans over the contents inside. When she saw what she needed, she walked to her office.

"You did a good job. Has there been any updates regarding Cloth Co.?"

Jiang Shengyi steadily follows after her boss but ensures to keeps a step behind.

"Yes. Manager He called and said everything is going accordingly to your instructions. The materials have been ordered and samples will be sent over for inspection before proceeding further."

Yue Ling answers with a faint mm. She continues to chat with Jiang Shengyi for a few minutes before the two went on their separate ways.

However, before entering her office, she turns back to look at the woman.

"Push up my 10 am meeting with An Qing to 9."

She doesn't wait for a response and leaves behind a dazed secretary.

Jiang Shengyi blinked her eyes and then sat down in her chair. She thought Yue Ling was satisfied with the schedule. Why would she suddenly want to push up her 10 am meeting with An Qing?

As she thought to herself, her eyes subconsciously glance at the time on her computer, and her eyes widen.

"It's already 8:15."

Calculating the time, Yue Ling will have 15 minutes to get her things and then 30 minutes to reach An Qing.

Jiang Shengyi frantically fumbles with her desk to get her keyboard. There were only 45 minutes until 9 am, and she must send an e-mail to everyone at An Qing to inform them of their boss' sudden change of schedule.

Just as she pressed the enter button to forward the e-mail, Yue Ling walked back out of her office carrying her coat and bag.

She (Yue Ling) looks at Jiang Shengyi as she walks past her (Jiang Shengyi) desk. She knew what the woman was thinking and smiled.

"Work is always full of surprises."

Watching her walk towards the elevator, Jiang Shengyi was perplexed. She was mesmerized by her boss's radiant smile, but at the same time, she didn't know if it was good or bad.

"Boss, wait for me!"

The moment Yue Ling walked passed her, she was dumbfounded by the sight of Liu Shan frantically dashing out of his office to chase after their boss.

It was a sight that made one wonder whether this was a professional company.

However, the second she thought this, the assistant turned back to look at her while running toward the elevator.

His face drained of all colors, and his expression was like he had seen the most frightening thing in his life.

"Call Liu Yilong. Let him know we are going to be 15 minutes early."

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Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 920 Change Of Schedule