Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 29 Lu Family


Peony Villa, the most expensive and highly guarded community in Imperial. Only the wealthiest families live here.

This residential area is rated number one as ’best place to live’.

Given it’s name because here is where the most peonies bloom in the late spring and early summer.

The layout of this gated community consists of only 34 home structures, forming a circle.

Each houses’ backyard allows access to the huge lake in the center of the gated community.

To enter, one must show ID of residence. The security guards here don’t joke around. If your name is not on the list, then don’t even try to find another way to get inside.

At the end of this gated community, on a small hill, a beautiful neo-eclectic home crafted of limestone exterior stood elegantly.

It’s features outshines all the other residences as it is the most expensive, costing at the price of 1 billion yuan.

This 23,650 square feet of interior space is owned by the highly influential Lu Family.

Although the Lu Family household is in a gated community, their house is still gated and secured with their own Lu guards.

Not because they are wealthy, but because they also have enemies that lurk in the dark.

They can’t trust just anyone on their safety except those who are truly loyal to them.

The outer appearance of the Lu Family Household looks like a magnificent paintIng as the sun begins to set.

The setting rays of light, gives the house a peaceful and tranquil aura.

Although, at this moment, inside the living room of the Lu family household, it is extremely cold like a winter night.

A woman at the age of fifty sat on the sofa. Even though she was old in age, she still held the looks of a forty year old.

One can see that she was a woman of great looks in her younger days.

"Tian, when are you going to get marry? I want to hold my grandchildren before I die. "

Madam Lu looked at her oldest son and said without a care.


Lu Tian looks indifferently at his mother.

When Xu Long ruined his plans in the afternoon with the news of tonight’s dinner at the old house, he already had a feeling it was about the same thing.

He only came back because his father had something he needed to discuss about.

Seeing her cold and aloof son ignoring her, Madam Lu looks to her husband.

"Old man, are you not going to help me? Look at him. I’m his mother yet, he’s ignoring me."

Her tone sounded irritated but one must know that Madam Lu had long become accustomed to her oldest son’s attitude.

Even she did not mind the way he is.

But of course, she’s getting older and like any parent, they want their children to give them grandchildren.

Old Man Lu glance at his wife then to his oldest son. He cried inwardly.

He put on a sad and pitiful old face, as if hinting Lu Tian to give the old man some face and not make his mother angry.


In the end, Lu Tian’s expression remained the same.

He was not affected at all by his old man’s face. He sat leisurely in his seat and gave no face to his old man.

Old Man Lu: "...."

Seeing that Lu Tian didn’t even budge at the old man’s sympathy expression, Madam Lu was enraged.

She raise her voice, "Tian, just how long do you plan to remain single?! If you don’t do anything about it then I will find a wife for you! Besides, I already have on in mind."

At his mother’s words, Lu Tian felt disgusted inside.

What he hated the most about coming back to the old house was his mother’s schemes about him getting marry.

Well, it’s not that he hated his mother, but it more like he hated the women his mother finds.

Each one of them are only after his wealth.

He’s seen the greed in their disgusting eyes.

"Tian, are you listening to me?!"

Lu Tian’s cold eyes look at his mother, "I don’t need you to interfere in my private life."

"You are my son! I have every rights to interfere in your private life! This is an important matter about your future heir!"


Lu Tian looks away from his mother. He decided it was best to just ignore the old woman.

He thought again.

It’s not that he didn’t respect his mother. The way he is now is because of his parents. As the oldest son of the Lu family, he was force into a life of cold and loneliness.

The more he grew, the more he came to understand the world he lives in.

Any one can be either a friend or a foe. Even friends become foes out of greed.

He knows because he once had a good friend who became a foe. For money and wealth, that friend did not hesitate to betray him.

And just like those fake daughters from so call prestige families, give them money and they’ll do anything.

Lu Tian hated that kind of people.

Money and wealth is not the answer to one’s true happiness.

Growing up, even he was a nobody. Only the name Lu made a difference in other’s eyes of him.

He had shed blood, sweat and tears to get Lu Corps to where it stands today.

Besides, from a young age till now, he’s always had a dislike for the opposite sex, but that didn’t mean he liked men.

Others can say whatever they want, his body was his and as the owner, he knew his body better than anyone.

"Hmmm.." Old Man Lu sighed heavily.

His wife was ranting like her usual self and his oldest son was just sitting there like the heavenly emperor.

Just what kind of live drama is this?

He stood from the sofa and held his hands behind his back, "Follow me to the study."

Lu Tian glance at his father. He oblige and stood up.

Following his father was always better than being in the same room as his busy mother.

Being left alone in the living room, Madam Lu faces turn red from anger.

’How dare this father and son ignore me?!! I was in the middle of my speech!!’

She shouts angrily at their backs, "Tian! As the mother who gave birth to you, you will listen to me! You will meet this girl that I’ve picked out for you!! I don’t care what you say! I am your mother and only my words matter! Hmmf!"

Old Man Lu: "...."

Lu Tian: "...."

Madam Lu huff and puff with invisible steam blowing out of her nostrils. She looked like Spanish bull.


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Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 29 Lu Family