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True King's Ecstasy
Chapter 346 Lucy’s Friend?

Velian furrowed his brow as he observed the approaching figure—a menacing, demon-looking humanoid figure accompanied by its loyal underling.

The air crackled with dark energy, and the atmosphere grew heavy with the impending confrontation.

Velian, however, wore a faint smile on his face as he discerned a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos. He could see beyond the monstrous facade, recognizing in an instant that this demon was just like Lucy.

He wasn't a human that turned into a demon, rather just like Lucy, he was an original demon.

"A vampire huh? Well, nothing I can't beat, guess I'll try to take some information from him," Velian thought observing the enemy in front of him. And when his eyes observed the underling that followed him, he was disappointed because they were even weaker than normal humans.

"They are just ghouls! Even weaker than humans," Velian muttered to himself and looked at the vampire.

"Ah, how interesting," Velian murmured under his breath, his eyes narrowing with intrigue. "A real demon, trapped within that terrifying form."

The demon closed in, its crimson eyes gleaming with malice. It bared its fangs and growled, emanating an otherworldly aura that sent shivers down the spines of Union onlookers.

"I shall feast upon your blood, mortal!" the demon snarled, its voice echoing with a haunting resonance.

"You shouldn't have disturbed us, you could have gone back to your petty little kingdom and wait for your destruction, but now you're going to die in, the worst way possible," The vampire muttered, but Velian didn't look even a single bit affected from his threats.

Velian's smile broadened, his gaze locked firmly with the demon's fiery orbs. "Feasting on blood, hmm? Quite a change from your other demond, I presume."

His underling, a lesser vampire, hissed menacingly, eager to witness the destruction of their newfound adversary. It stood by the side of its transformed comrade, ready to unleash a torrent of dark magic and feast upon Velian's meat.

"Stand back, Lord Velian!" But suddenly a voice shouted from behind him. It was none other than his faithful demon companion, Lucy, a succubus with unparalleled powers. She brandished her hand, radiating an aura of protective enchantments.

"Gran, just as I thought you were the traitor, what can I expect from a lowly man like you, until now I soared you because the queen didn't want any conflict, but not anymore," As soon as Lucy identified the vampire in front of her, she muttered showing they were indeed from the same land.

"Oh! You're here, I have been trying to find you since I got clues that you're here, I'm lucky, now that all my enemies are here, I can kill all of them in one attack," Gran muttered but Velian muttered, as he felt like humiliating this vampire in front of him.

Velian raised a hand, signalling Lucy to hold her ground. "Lucy, this one is different. I sense an extraordinary power within its cursed form. Can we really beat this thing?"

Lucy didn't know Velian's true power, so she thought he was actually scared, but she had the confidence to beat Gran if Velian can hold back the other minions.

"What happened to your loyalty? It is a shame our queen doesn't want to kill you, she's too kind for idiots like you,"

The vampire snorted derisively, its monstrous visage contorting with anger and pride. "My loyalty? They are long gone, fool! I am a creature of darkness, born to bring suffering to this realm and you too."

"That soft bitch is not our queen, talking about peace and improving people's lives? We are the proud demons that once invaded the whole world, she is not my queen, I already have a lord I serve that is willing to lead our race to greatness once again,"

Velian shook his head, stepping forward with unwavering resolve.

"What misfortune fall on you, forcing you into this wretched existence? Did your brain matter explode? No way, a demon lord can win, as long as the hero exists, once again your demon lord will have to beg for mercy like a dog, do you want to see that happening?"

The demon hesitated, caught off guard by Velian's unexpectedly brave words.

Lucy looked at him worried and trying to understand what he was trying to do, but Daphnia quickly whispered something into Lucy's ears which made her grin.

"Now that you tell this truth! How can that pathetic demon lord win? Maybe a random arrow will kill him this time, he is that weak after all," She played along with Velian, which caused him to grin knowing that she understood his purpose.

The vampire's eyes narrowed, his anger seething beneath his composed facade. He could sense the deliberate provocation, but he couldn't resist the urge to defend his lord's twisted existence.

"Foolish hero, no hero can stop him this time," the vampire spat, his voice dripping with disdain.

"You know nothing of the power he wields. Do you think a random arrow could bring him down? He is far beyond your comprehension. He almost conquered the world, crushed empires, and devoured the souls of countless mortals."

The vampire's composure wavered, his control slipping as anger consumed him. He clenched his fists, struggling to maintain his poise.

"You dare mock him, human? I shall rip the very essence from your fragile body and feast upon your blood!"

"And Lucy, you will be a breeding animal for him along with your beloved queen, his children will lead this world in the future, as soon as I tell him everything, he will surely punish you, even though you are a demon,"

The vampire, driven by anger and the need to assert his dominance, was about to attack Velian, but then something unexpected came out of his mouth.

"Everything will be settled the day after tomorrow, and when he awakens neither you nor that woman will be able to stop him, and I won't let anyone stop him," He shouted and ordered his underlings to attack Velian and Lucy.

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True King's Ecstasy Chapter 346 Lucy’s Friend?