Treasure Hunt Tycoon
Chapter 2: A New Sight

Chapter 2: A New Sight

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Just as the thought of “I wonder whether that little bug was drowned” occurred in Li Du’s mind, his vision suddenly swayed, and then went dark.

At that moment, he was standing at the doorway of the house, and he should have been seeing the view of the front street, but instead, he saw a giant steel fence looming in his sight.

That change was truly mind-boggling, and he was suddenly stumped.

With a surprised jolt of his neck, he then saw that around him were moss-covered brick walls, almost as if he was locked inside a jail cell.

However, around him were also a few large leaves, massive stones, enormous utensils, and giant boxes printed with the picture of a grinning white-bearded man—KFC packaging!

He suddenly understood—it was not that these items were massive, but that he had become very tiny.

Lowering his head, he found that he was standing on a bottle cap. His entire body could fit into it. Coincidentally, there was also a piece of broken glass right next to him. Looking into the reflection, he was able to see his unexpected appearance clearly.

Like the grasshopper, he had a violet-black shell, a set of large compound eyes, and only two legs…

This wasn’t him, but the bug that was previously in his hand!

What he saw through were not his eyes, but rather those of that little bug!

How can this be? What happened to me? Li Du thought in a moment of panic. Just as the thought popped into his head, his sight swayed again, and Hannah’s face, filled with worry and panic, reappeared in his sight. He was normal again.

As if sensing his abnormal behavior, Hannah asked carefully, “Li, how… how are you? Do you need me to call nine-one-one?”

Li Du also felt somewhat tired, so he waved his hand and replied, “Never mind, there’s no need—but thank you, Hannah! I was just feeling a little weird. I’m feeling much better now.”

Hearing his reply, Hannah made the cross across her luscious chest. “Thank God! You should probably go get some rest.”

What Li Du truly needed to do at that moment wasn’t rest, but investigate what had happened to him.

After saying goodbye to Hannah, he returned to his own room. Like before, he imagined using the little bug’s eyes, and immediately, the sight of the drainage appeared in his vision again.

And as he thought of returning to his own perspective, his vision changed back again, and he could see the NBA posters on the walls of his room.

After two consecutive successful attempts at changing his perspective, Li Du began to understand what had happened.

This little bug-like creature was originally encased in that amber-like crystal that he had destroyed. He had accidentally cracked open the crystal and freed the little bug. It subsequently entered his hand and began to share its vision with him.

In other words, he had gained another set of eyes outside of his body.

The mysterious thing was that it seemed that no one else could see this bug except for him.

After another few sets of experiments, he found that not only could he use the bug as another set of eyes, but he could also control its body as if he had gained an insect avatar.

During these experiments, he noticed that in the drain, there were four or five one-dollar coins.

He then went and opened the drainage grates. Appearing before him was exactly what he had seen with the eyes of the bug before: there was the little bug on top of the bottle cap, the KFC box, and the dinnerware. He then removed the trash and found five of the one-dollar coins buried underneath.

Holding those coins, Li Du let out a small grin.

At this moment, he thought that this little bug was quite useful. He could use the sight of bug to collect lost coins from the drain as his source of income and live on that.

After pocketing the coins, he reached towards the little bug.

The two legs of the creature were quite nimble. The bug immediately jumped up and landed on his hand. It then drove itself into his skin and left behind a dark violet bug-shaped tattoo in the center of Li Du’s palm.

After storing away the little bug, Li Du suddenly felt a wave of fatigue. Exerting all his remaining stamina, he dragged himself back to his room, crashed into his bed, and almost immediately fell into a deep sleep.

When he woke up again, what greeted him was another pair of eyes.

“F*ck!” Seeing another man’s face right at his own, Li Du almost jumped out from the bed.

Li Du’s reaction also stunned the owner of the face, a handsome Caucasian who was about thirty years old. He had a pair of limpid green eyes and well-defined facial lines.

Letting out a small shiver, the good-looking man complained, “Hey, hey, hey, Chinese boy, why are you acting so aggressive? My name’s Hans, you haven’t forgotten me already, right?”

Li Du, of course, still remembered him. Hans Fox, Hannah’s brother. He met him a few times in the past. 𝗶𝘯𝗻𝙧𝚎α𝘥. 𝑐o𝘮

Glancing Hans, Li Du was quite angry. “Hey buddy, why are you in my room? Are you spying on me? This is an invasion of my privacy!”

Americans took personal privacy very seriously—so much that every year the American courts faced countless hearings stemming from privacy violations.

Hearing his reply, Hans immediately retorted, “First, this is my room. If we are talking about personal privacy, then it is mine that was invaded!

“Secondly, Chinese boy, I bet that you were having a nightmare. Haha, your eyelids were fluttering. It was really funny!”

As Li Du calmed his heart down, he quickly looked towards his right palm, where the bug tattoo could still be clearly seen.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door before Hannah entered and asked, “I heard a scream. Any problems here?”

“Of course there is a problem,” Hans cried, “my lovely sister! Honoring the memory of our deceased parents, could you give me some respect? Can you please not carelessly give my room away to someone else?”

Hannah ignored her brother’s complaint and turned towards Li Du. She was quite worried. “Li, how are you now? Dammit, you have been sleeping for close to 15 hours. Is something wrong?”

Li Du did not expect this. Had he really slept for 15 hours?

Realizing that he was being ignored, Hans complained again, “Come on, can you please show me some respect? I’m making a request!”

“I heard you. I’m not deaf. But what good is your request? I never have any idea when you will return, and every time you do, you only come back for some pizza and beer. I’m sorry, my brother, but if it wasn’t for Li renting your room, I wouldn’t even have enough money for that pizza and beer,” Hannah replied. “Also, how can you still call this a bedroom with a straight face? If it wasn’t for Li cleaning it up, I would have thought that our house was a dump!” Hannah was a white girl with a very sharp tongue.

At her verbal attack, Hans could only roll his eyes.

“Lastly, tell me, how many hours will you stick around this time?”

Upon hearing this sentence, Hans looked quite upset. “I’ll probably be here for a long time. My business, well, my huge business is currently facing a small problem…”

“So how about the apartment that you shared with Dianna?”

Hans hesitated and took a moment before answering, “Who? Who’s Dianna?”

Seeing Hannah’s eyes almost afire with anger, Hans quickly brought up a smile and tried to ingratiate himself with his younger sister. “Okay, okay, I just remembered: Dianna is that Irish girl with long legs. Well, we’ve broken up, and the rent is way overdue.”

“So you don’t even have enough money for the rent?”

Hans let out a bitter smile. “Like I said, there was a bit of trouble. Dammit, I was swindled by that son of a b*tch and lost all my money. Now I can only rely on my sweet sister.”

“Your sweet sister will always love her brother,” Hannah said. “But can only accommodate him in the living room.”


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Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 2: A New Sight