Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Kindergarten (2)

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In the original novel, Gu Manxi brought her daughter, Gu Chu, to the Zhao family. In order to prevent the scandal of “having an illegitimate child” from affecting their reputation, the Zhao family intended to separate Gu Manxi and her daughter. They pretended to be kind and found an elite kindergarten for Gu Chu.

After sending Gu Chu into the kindergarten, Tang Chunxiu arranged for Gu Manxi to meet Director Li. Director Li was greedy for money and lustful. As expected, he fell in love with this beautiful second daughter of the Zhao family. That night, he forced himself on the unconscious Gu Manxi.

When Gu Manxi woke up, the tragedy had already happened. Only then did she realize the sinister intentions of the Zhao family. She would rather die than marry Director Li. In order to force Gu Manxi to surrender, Tang Chunxiu brought her to the “elite” kindergarten that Gu Chu attended. It was not an elite kindergarten. It was more like an animal farm..

The originally fair and tender little Gu Chu was so hungry that her face was sallow and emaciated in just a few days. When she saw Gu Manxi, the little girl cried loudly, saying that she wanted to go home and miss the milk cake that her mother made.

Tang Chunxiu threatened and enticed her, saying that as long as Gu Manxi married Director Li, she would let Gu Chu leave this kindergarten and let the mother and daughter reunite...

Recalling the melodramatic plot of the novel, Gu Chu could not help but sigh.

Kindergarten was the beginning of a tragedy...

She had to stop it!

“I’ve already chosen a kindergarten. It’s located in the eastern suburbs of the capital. It’s called ‘Royal Kindergarten’.” Tang Chunxiu smiled as she held Gu Manxi’s hand and said lovingly, “Manxi, Chuchu is already five years old. Her education is extremely important. Don’t worry, this kindergarten was carefully chosen by me. It’s filled with children from elite families. The teachers are also responsible.”

“You’re still young. Besides taking care of the children, you also have to take care of yourself. Look at you, you’re only 24 years old, and you’re already so thin. My heart aches when I see you like this.”

“In a few days, Mom will bring you to meet the uncles and aunties in the family. If you want to work, you can come to our Zhao family’s company.”

She looked like a loving mother as if she was considering everything for Gu Manxi.

On the other side, Zhao Manshi also added, “Sister, the quality of teaching in the Royal Kindergarten is really good. Chuchu is still young, she should make more friends. Other people of the same age are already learning English, Chuchu can’t still be playing with mud, right?”

Gu Manxi frowned, “My Chuchu is very smart, she is a genius...”

“Manxi, listen to Mom.” Tang Chunxiu acted like a loving mother, “Mom owes you nineteen years, and now I only want to make it up to you. Everything I do is for your own good.”

Gu Manxi was moved.

Indeed, although Chuchu was very smart and displayed an astonishing talent in language and technology at such a young age, she still needed to interact more with her peers and make more friends.

She couldn’t just stay in the room and play computer games. 𝒊n𝙣𝓻𝚎𝒶𝚍. 𝑐𝗼𝓶

In the master seat, Master Zhao did not say a word and continued to drink tea.

Gu Chu tilted her little head. Every member of the Zhao family was an oscar-winning actor and actress. Oh, except for this cold-faced uncle.

“Uncle, Chuchu doesn’t want to go to kindergarten.” Gu Chu pouted, her cute bun-shaped face scrunched up. “Chuchu wants to play with Uncle.”

Zhao Yan’s eyes were gentle. He hugged Gu Chu and said, “Chuchu, be good. You can only meet new friends when you go to school.”

Gu Chu reluctantly grabbed the milk cake and took a bite.

Zhao Yan had suspicions in his heart. He rarely returned home, but he knew that his parents were businessmen who prioritized profits. His mother, Tang Chunxiu, was mean and sarcastic. She looked down on immoral women.

His sister had been lost for eighteen years. Zhao Yan had never heard Tang Chunxiu mention finding her. Tang Chunxiu only had eyes for her youngest daughter, Manshi. She poured all her love into raising her. Tang Chunxiu did not care about others, even her eldest son, Zhao Yan. It was as if he was not her own son.

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