Transmigrated as the Tortured Female Lead's Daughter
Chapter 604 - Side Story: the messy married life (2) ]

604 [ Side Story: the messy married life (2) ]

Gu Chu X Cheng Qi.


When Gu Chu went downstairs, Cheng Qi’s car was already waiting by the roadside.

Gu Chu raised her eyebrows and sat in the front passenger seat.

“Didn’t you go to the project base today?” Gu Chu was curious.

Cheng Qi’s expression did not change as he turned the steering wheel. I’m worried about you going to see Lin Mo alone.

“He won’t be able to kill me,” Gu Chu tutted.

Cheng Qi let out a long sigh.

Gu Chu’s phone rang. Gu Chu opened it and saw that Lin Mo had sent her an e-magazine that was ten MB in size. The title of the book was ” five treasures in one child: where did the mysterious daddy escape to ” (high-tier H).

Gu Chu’s interest was piqued.’I’d like to see how this book, which is a million words long, plans my future.’

Gu Chu opened it and took a look.

First, it was: (What the hell is this?)

Moreover,… (This … It’s so scary!

In the end … (Speechless)

Cheng Qi’s gaze drifted over. He saw Gu Chu’s expression changing and thought that Gu Chu was chatting with Lin Mo. Cheng Qi’s heart was sour. He had long suspected that Lin Mo harbored ill intentions towards Gu Chu. Now that Gu Chu had become his wife, Lin Mo was still pestering her.

At night, when Cheng Qi returned home from work, he saw Gu Chu lying on the bed. She was staring at her phone without blinking, and she looked very focused.

“Chu-Chu, I’m back,” Cheng Qi coughed.

“Go take a shower.” Gu Chu did not even look up as her fingers swiped across the phone screen.

Cheng Qi’s mood was getting worse.

After her bath, she ate some supper and went back to her room. Gu Chu was still in her original position, scrolling through her phone. It was as if there was a precious treasure in his phone. Cheng Qi purposely wore only a pair of shorts and walked up to Gu Chu. However, Gu Chu completely ignored his perfect body.

Cheng Qi could not help but snatch Gu Chu’s phone away. “Don’t talk to Lin Mo anymore!”

Gu Chu was stunned and looked confused. I didn’t chat with him. Give me your phone. I just saw a new position.

Cheng Qi was speechless.

What position?

Cheng Qi subconsciously looked at his phone screen and realized that Gu Chu was not chatting with Lin Mo. Instead, she was reading an online novel. Cheng Qi scanned through the page and saw a familiar name, as well as a very …

“I asked old Mo to send it to me.” Gu Chu sat on the bed. I’m quite curious about the story of our previous lives.

Gu Chu could not stop watching.

This plot was so exciting.

It was completely in line with her personality and the time, place, and person she liked. There were also the five silly … Ahem, five lively and cute children in the book. Gu Chu liked each of them very much. She couldn’t help but touch her belly, thinking that if she could really have five children in the future, she wouldn’t mind.

Hence, Cheng Qi and Gu Chu lay in bed and watched ” five treasures in one baby ” together.

It was very intoxicating.

Gu Chu said,”I didn’t expect to play in the garage.” We’ll try it another day.”

“Sure,” Cheng Qi said.

Gu Chu: ” look at this. Hahaha, you almost got together with the female villain! Is he your colleague from your previous life? What’s your relationship with her?”

Cheng Qi was speechless. I have nothing to do with her. ”

“Note down this location,” Gu Chu said.

“Alright,” Cheng Qi chuckled.

In the next few days, Gu Chu and Cheng Qi finished reading the entire book without missing a word. They also recorded a lot of interesting knowledge (positions). Although 90% of the plot in this book was about that, in the millions of words of long description, Gu Chu and Cheng Qi seemed to have lived through their lives and experienced those twists and turns of the story.

That’s good. Both my previous life and this life had a happy ending.


[ new book published: after breaking off the engagement, the madam’s avatar can’t be hidden anymore ]


“Mommy, I’m done washing the dishes.”

“Good girl.”

“Mommy, that handsome uncle proposed to you again today.”

“Close the door and let the dog out.”

Bai chirpy had a genius mommy. She was pretty, but a little lazy and attracted a little peach blossom. He was a genius in Western medicine, a gold-medal actor, a historian, a master designer, and big shots from all over the world came to propose.

Bai chirpy placed the number plate in the hands of the rumored Big Boss and said in a childish voice, ” “If you want to be my father, get in line first.”



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Transmigrated as the Tortured Female Lead's Daughter Chapter 604 - Side Story: the messy married life (2) ]