Chapter 18: Chapter 18: Uncle’s Friend

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The Cheng family was about to be taken down by that 15-year-old brat!

“I have to think of a way,”Cheng Qingyun muttered.


Song Chen strode forward, feeling rather frustrated. Seeing two women who looked like her in a row today, his heart was far from as calm as it appeared on the surface. 𝙞𝑛𝓷𝓇𝒆a𝑑. 𝙘૦𝗺

He really wanted to know where that woman had run off to. He had been looking for her for five whole years, but there had been no news of her!

Song Chen, who was in a bad mood, passed by a children’s ward. The door to the ward was open, and there was a little girl with injured feet inside. She was tugging at the doctor’s sleeve, saying in a childish voice that she wanted to play with the computer.

The little girl’s chattering made Song Chen, who was in a bad mood, even more annoyed. He coldly glanced at this cute little girl!

So noisy!

He hated children!

Song Chen brought his assistant and left the hospital quickly. Just as he left, Gu Manxi and Zhao Yan returned to the ward.

Gu Manxi looked at Gu Chu and shook her head slightly. “Chuchu, don’t be silly. There aren’t any computers in the hospital. Mommy will bring you to Uncle’s house. We’ll stay at Uncle’s house tonight.”

Gu Chu raised her little head and asked innocently, “Does Uncle have a computer at home?”

“Of course, Uncle has a lot of computers at home,” Zhao Yan said. “Chuchu and Mom will stay at Uncle’s house first, okay?”

Gu Chu put on a big smile and stretched out her two chubby hands. “Chuchu likes uncle. I want hugs.”

Gu Manxi and Zhao Yan laughed out loud.

Gu Chu despised herself greatly in her heart! !?Why are you pretending to be cute? Why are you acting cute?!


That night, Zhao Yan drove to the Zhao residence and took Gu Chu and Gu Manxi’s luggage. Tang Chunxiu felt that something was wrong. Zhao Yan found an excuse to say that Chuchu was frightened and did not want to return to the Zhao residence.

Tang Chunxiu had no choice but to give up. She had always disliked her eldest son. Zhao Yan was young, but his thoughts were always unpredictable. Tang Chunxiu could not control this child. Sometimes when Tang Chuxiu spent time alone with Zhao Yan, she always felt that Zhao Yan seemed to know her secret, which made her uneasy.

“Wow, Uncle’s house is really beautiful.” Gu Chu poked her little head out of her mother’s arms and looked around curiously. This was a heartfelt emotion.

Zhao Yan’s apartment was decorated in a style as solemn and cold as his own character. The light gray color was low-key and luxurious. It was completely different from the extravagant Zhao family.

This was the style that Gu Chu liked!

Cold and imposing!

“Manxi, you and Chuchu will stay on the second floor. I’ve already asked someone to clean up the room.” Zhao Yan carried the luggage to the second floor. “You can stay as long as you want.”

Gu Chu saw the computer in the room. It had a very good system. Gu Chu liked it and immediately revealed a sweet smile. “Thank you, Uncle. Chuchu likes Uncle the most.”

It was shameful to act cute, but it was useful.

Gu Chu glanced at a room on the second floor. The door was slightly open, and it was filled with Utraman models. posters of “One piece”, “CrossFire” and “League of Legends” were plastered all over the walls, it was completely different from the cold decoration style of Zhao Yan’s house. It was full of youth and vitality.

Gu Chu blinked and asked curiously, “Uncle, there’s Ultraman in that room. Do you like Ultraman, Uncle?”

Zhao Yan saw the open room and walked over to close the door.

“This room belongs to a friend of mine. He stays here occasionally,” Zhao Yan said, his usually cold self now with hints of gentleness and joy.

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