Thrown Into A New World: Let The Punishment Begin!
Chapter 117 - Almost As Though

Chapter 117 - Almost As Though

Inside the carriage,

On the way back to the Samed Mansion, Sullivan chuckled as he thought back to the events that took place before he boarded this carriage.

When he noticed the brilliant smile on her face as she celebrated the positive answer that he had given, Sullivan could not help but smile with her.

'Who would have thought that such a simple thing could bring her such great joy.' He remarked as he observed her jubilant face.

His next reaction was subconscious just as the startled scream that he had let out upon hearing the request from the same child.

His hand raised and reached her head as he gently patted her head a couple of times.

He had been expecting her to throw his hand away or sneer at him as she usually would during their classes but nothing of that sort had occurred.

Instead, he witnessed how he tilted her head to the side and giggled upon feeling his pat.

Yvonne had been so elated with his answer that she had not taken offense to his actions, in fact, she enjoyed his pat as a little puppy would.

Before he could pat her some more, he noticed a dark shadow covering them which made them glance in its direction.

This was when they realized that the Earl who had been at a distance away from them until now was just a step away at present.

The grim look on his face indicated that he was not pleased with something at the moment.

Yvonne and Sullivan froze but for different reasons.

'Did I do something wrong that seems to have irked the Earl?' Sullivan Samed wondered as he tried hard to think if he had done such a thing.

'Has he overheard our conversation?' The little girl fretted as she glanced at her father's dark face.

As they were trying to think of why the Earl of the St. Claire fief looked unhappy, Rutherford took another step closer.

Sullivan could not help but be reminded of the difference in their physiques when they stood face to face right now.

Though he had a fit and shaped physique, it was still incomparable to this mountain of a man who had a heavy muscular build.

While he was comparing the size of their arms, Rutherford passed him and bent forward.

Still, in her daze, Yvonne gasped when her feet were suddenly off the ground.

She hurried to wrap her arms around her father's neck who loved to carry her when she least expected it.

"Let us get you inside. You must be tired." He announced and smiled at his lovely daughter.

The dark face he had on until now faded the moment he had his daughter in his arms.

The conscious step that the Earl had taken away from the tutor made him deduce why he had done so.

'So it's a case of jealousy!' He rolled his eyes at the man who was shielding the child from his line of sight.

"I shall take my leave as well, Earl St. Claire." He declared his news of departure from their mansion and nodded at the man.

Sullivan shot a brief smile at the girl who had peeked to take a look at him.

'I will not mention your name before the King.' He reassured with that smile and then turned away.

After he had entered the carriage, he glanced outside the window and found the father-daughter pair to be standing in the same position.

He nodded at the other man and looked away as the carriage began moving towards the gates of the St. Claire estate.

Now, he was almost at the entrance of the Samed Estate and thinking of what had just happened, gave him a good laugh.

"Such a petty man that Earl is!" Sullivan chuckled when he recalled the actions of the overprotective father.

Thinking of what he has promised the little girl, he could not help but shake his head in dismay.

"Such a bright mind but wishes to keep it hidden." He sighed as he muttered those words to himself.

'Not only does she refuse to become Princess Felicia's playmate she also declines a chance at being bestowed graces from the King.' He groaned at the foolish child that he dealt with every day.

"It is almost as though… She is trying to avoid coming in contact with the Royal family." He speculated, making his brows furrow dangerously close to each other.

However, he shook his head after a few seconds of pondering over this theory of his.

'For what reason would that little child have to be so cautious about the members of the Royal family?' He discarded that thought from his mind as he found no validation for doing so.

Why would someone not wish to get close to the most powerful family? Especially if they desired for power and fame by building up a close and personal relationship with them.

'Yvonne St. Claire is the only exception!' He declared in his heart.

The feelings of admiration for this student of his began to increase exponentially when he remembered the explanation she had given to him.

"She is willing to stay away from the fame and glory of helping in the discovery of this three-step plan." He mumbled as the carriage began to slow down.

Peeping outside the window, he discovered that they had entered his estate and that his destination had arrived.

"All because she wants to follow the holy scriptures of Lord Asmodeus. Such a pious child!" He praised her as the carriage came to a halt before his mansion.

"I will make sure not to mention her name when I reveal the three-step plan before the King." He determined and then alighted from his transportation before leisurely entering his house.

The butler, maids, and servants all stood in attention at the entrance to greet their master.

The Marquess took off his coat and clutching the folder tight in his hands, he rushed towards his study to prepare the report for his meeting with King Ophire.

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