Chapter 110 - The Same Way

Yvonne glanced at her tutor's face and then at the map.

"You now know the three aspects that need to be worked on." She mentioned and received a nod in answer.

"The hospitals, better knowledge about something and better roads." Marquess Samed summarized what she had spoken in the last half hour.

Yvonne nodded at the man who had grasped parts of her explanations while a part of it had gone beyond his understanding.

"Three of them are crucial in their own rights." She began but soon stopped when she saw his actions.

Marquess Samed had picked up a paper and begun noting down everything that she had just said.

'Okay… What is with this man?' She wondered and watched him suspiciously.

Noticing her silence, Sullivan looked up from the paper and glanced at her.

"Go on. I need to take notes to make sure that I don't miss out on any aspect." He uttered in his defense and gestured for her to go on.

Yvonne shrugged his weird actions as what he did with this information was up to him.

'He can inform the King or do anything he wants to.' She remarked and then went back to doing her part.

"The number of hospitals need to increase drastically. At least one in each fief." She rubbed her chin as she uttered those words.

The moment Sullivan heard this, his eyes opened wide and he shook his head in ardent refusal.

"The number of fiefs in this Kingdom is vast. Trying to build a hospital in each fief would be taxing for our King and the citizens." He reminded her as he sighed.

The Kingdom of Rosenhyde had a large number of fiefs with the largest one being Amarthea which belonged to the Royal Family of Rosenhyde.

The Grand Duke Draco Roschester had inherited his maternal family's fief which was next to Amarthea.

The two dukes followed by the Marquess, the Earls, the Viscounts, and the Barons all had their individual fiefs to look after and manage.

To build a hospital in each fief using the tax money received from the nobles and commoners alike would be a huge feat to achieve.

'And how is that my concern?' Yvonne blinked languidly as she watched him fret about the financial aspects of the solution she had given.

"Marquess, you asked for a solution and I have one for you. How you manage to achieve that is not for me to bother about." She declared without an ounce of empathy.

Marquess Samed narrowed his eyes at her for a few seconds before sighing in defeat.

'This matter I will leave to the King and his aides to worry about.' He shrugged just like his pupil.

Like pupil, like master. Both shrugged their responsibility off this matter.

Noticing that he was not going to argue with her to fetch him a means of achieving this other solution, she nodded and then moved to the next step.

"The next is the part which Marquess has still not understood. Am I right, Marquess?" The little girl smirked as she taunted her tutor.

Sullivan choked on thin air when he heard her derisive words but there was nothing he could say to prove her wrong.

'It is true that I could not grasp what she had meant by educating the people.' He scratched his neck in embarrassment.

Yvonne now was sure that what she had said just to mock him was in fact the truth.

'And he is supposed to be the smartest man in Amarthea? Doesn't look like it by a long shot!' She shot him a scrutinizing and a disappointed gaze.

Sullivan's eyes widened in surprise when he noticed the same expression he had seen once before today.

'Why is she looking at me in the same way that his majesty, King Ophire had done today?' He recalled the same expression he received in the Throne room.

The similarities in the way they looked at this moment were so bizarre and striking that Marquess Samed felt as though he was in a trance.

'What now?' Yvonne groaned inwardly when she found her tutor staring at her like a dumbstruck fool.

She leaned forward and snapped her fingers right in front of his face and succeeded in dragging him back from his reverie.

"Did I say or do something wrong?" Yvonne tilted her head and inquired with a soft and childish voice.

This change in her attitude and demeanor made him freeze once again.

'Until now I felt just as I had when I was back in the Royal Academy, talking to my peers and seniors… Now it is back to the tutor-pupil relationship.' He speculated about this abnormality.

The changes he felt were because Yvonne had forgotten that she was in this child's body and had spoken as she would to anyone back when she was in her old body.

When Sullivan was lost in his thoughts about the similarities between the King and his pupil, that was when it struck Yvonne that she had been behaving like her old self before this man.

This made her go back to the usual childish demeanor and smile that she had mastered after she was put into this body.

'What am I thinking? She is a little smarter than the children her age and that is all!' He scoffed at the weird thoughts that had appeared in his brain.

"You haven't said about the second solution yet!" He sneered at the child who furrowed her brows.

"It was Marquess who was lost in a daze."?She retorted, not willing to take the blame for something that was not her fault.

Sullivan coughed and then nodded to let her move forward with her speech.

He then went back to taking notes as he heard the solution she gave to the next issue.

"The second aspect that may certainly help to decrease the chances of the spread of a plague or any such common diseases is to spread the knowledge of what is right and wrong." She preached and gritted her teeth one again.

'If you put on that blank expression then how am I supposed to continue seeing you as a respectable elder?' She groaned scornfully after looking at his face.

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