This World Has Gone Crazy
Chapter 65 part2

The doctor paused and motioned with his hands. “You don’t have to go that far, just buy a copy. Besides, I might never finish collecting information on this so I don’t know if I’ll actually manage to write it.”

We’re not exaggerating. It’s to celebrate your ascension into heaven... The few of them familiar with the matter thought to themselves, lowered their heads and drank. Lu Yanbin put down his glass and struggled for a moment. He decided to remind Yu Mingjie. “Watch out from now on. Don’t let him get smashed in the head by a flowerpot.”

Although Yu Mingjie was puzzled, he still replied, “I will protect him. It won’t happen.”

"Mmm, you should be careful too. Don’t hit your head to save him.”

“It’ll be fine. I’ve undergone training.”

The doctor could hear them clearly. “What do you mean? Why are you afraid that I’ll be hit?”

Lu Yanbin didn’t answer, but lowered his head and continued to drink. The doctor wanted to ask again but his attention was diverted by a few words from Qi Le. He turned his focus back to him and chatted with his patient. He remembered Gu Bai’s explanation and knew that the self-helper didn’t know that he had multiple personalities. This was the first time they talked and he wanted to establish a good relationship with the patient. Naturally, he wouldn’t stimulate him. The atmosphere was quite harmonious. He tried hard to find a topic to know more about the patient but he suddenly felt that something was wrong. He glanced at the time and looked at Yu Mingjie in surprise.

Yu Mingjie had been ignored by his wife for quite some time and was currently unhappy. Seeing that he looked over, he was immediately pleased. “What’s wrong?”

The doctor looked at his watch. “It’s half past nine.”

“So what...” Yu Mingjie spoke, quickly stretched out his hand and firmly embraced him.

The doctor recorded in his notebook: Two minutes later than usual.

Qi Le was puzzled. “What’s going on?”

“Oh, lately he turns into a koala at this time everyday.”

Everyone, “...”

They all watched a certain someone turn into koala... Let’s see how you drive back later. Yu Mingjie was completely unaware of their line of sight but continued holding his wife with his head lowered in thought and looked solemn, obviously also thinking about this problem. 𝘪𝙣𝓃𝒓𝗲𝒶𝗱. 𝐜o𝗺

Qi Le kept smiling, enduring the urge to laugh. He chatted with the doctor freely. When he thought that it was about time, he kicked Gu Bai. The latter understood and looked at the doctor, indicating that they should stop here today. The doctor had a good harvest and naturally agreed. Gu Bai said goodbye to the others and took his wife away. They went out of the bar and got into the car. Seeing that there was no one around, he immediately held Qi Le in his arms and snuggled him. “How do you feel?”

“I’m okay.” Qi Le put his arms around Gu Bai’s waist and buried his head in the crook of his neck. “It was rather easy. Lu Yanbin hasn’t helped me ask him yet but if Yu Mingjie can’t help, I’m okay with pretending like this. I think I can handle that idiot.”

Gu Bai smiled and gave him a kiss, then drove back to the apartment. They bathed separately, went to bed and snuggled up to each other to watch the movie. Right then, Lu Yanbin called. “Ah Jie said his wife is a noob who doesn’t know much, has a simple mind and his heart is devoted to strange things. He’s easy to trick. No matter what you do, he will take it seriously.”

Qi Le thought about the same. He pursed his lips and said, “Alright.”

He hung up, nestled in Gu Bai’s arms to watch the movie, then had a good night’s sleep. Next day, he went to class and didn’t take the initiative to mention anything to Wan Lei as they had planned because it would make him suspicious. It was better for him to deliberately reveal a flaw and let Wan Lei find out or place their hopes in the doctor. Since the doctor called him everyday to ask about the patient’s condition, perhaps he will talk to him about this matter.

Qi Le prayed in his heart that the doctor would do his part. He strolled in and found a place to sit down. He soon saw Ning Xiao coming in. He smiled and continued to pretend. “We meet again.”

Ning Xiao nodded and lowered his voice. “I told Wan Lei about you. You’re welcome.”

Qi Le looked at him in a daze. What a team player ah!

Ning Xiao seldom saw him react like this and was in a good mood. “If everything goes as planned, he should also participate in the treatment. This is what you hope for, right?” Qi Le muttered "Mmm," only to hear him continue to ask, “Multiple personalities each have their own jobs. Aren’t you afraid he’ll doubt you if you come to class?”

“If he asks, I’ll answer that Gu Bai said that his friend is ill and wants me to take lessons for his friend. I can easily handle that.” Qi Le said with a smile, looked up and saw Wan Lei coming over with a book, obviously wanting to sit next to him. He gave 120% focus to deal with him and thought to himself, Laozi just has to pretend a few more days and I’ll get rid of you completely.

Wan Lei learned from Ning Xiao that Gu Bai wanted to treat him. He seized the opportunity to make good friends with this person so he could participate in his treatment. Whether the result of the treatment was good or bad, it was better to stay beside him rather than not know anything about it.

Qi Le held back his temper and chatted with him. Wan Lei and the doctor both had rather good personalities. If they didn’t mention the illness, getting along with them was fine. Anyway, talking about unimportant things could be easily done.

Wan Lei accompanied him throughout the class and asked, “Where are you going for lunch?”

“My housemate said he would pick me up for lunch.”

Wan Lei knew that he was talking about Gu Bai, so he nodded and left. He learned from the conversation in the morning that the man was going to have an appointment with the doctor tonight. He looked for him, went up to him and started chatting. Then, when Qi Le introduced several other people to him, he pulled out a chair and sat down with a smile, smoothly joining the group. Looking at Qi Le’s act, Ning Xiao raised an eyebrow and leaned in. Gu Bai glanced at him. Although he wasn’t happy, he let him do as he pleased.

They maintained this manner for two days in a row. The doctor felt that the self-helper was in a particularly good state of mind. Today was the weekend and he happened to be on a break. He found a coffee shop to meet up with them and purposely got a window seat. At this moment, the midday sun shone into the room, which only made everyone feel happy. He looked at his patient and tentatively said that he had multiple personalities. Qi Le pretended to be in disbelief, then slowly calmed down, accepted the reality and agreed to cooperate with him.

The doctor took a deep breath as tears welled up in his eyes and his whole body shook with excitement. “I didn’t expect that I would have the chance to treat this disease in my lifetime. If I die, I have no regrets.”

Yu Mingjie pulled out a tissue for him. “Be good, wipe your tears.”

The doctor stopped crying, wiped away his tears and got up. “I’ll go and get some more food. It’s my treat today.”

Wan Lei watched him walk away, turned to look at Qi Le, and asked in a low voice, “Why don’t you consider changing doctors? Why do I get the feeling that he can’t do it?”

It’s because he can’t that I want him... Qi Le was about to answer when he heard a click and looked up at once. Yu Mingjie dropped his raised hand and chopped off a corner of the wooden table. He pinched it in his hand and looked at Wan Lei with a gentle expression. He asked lightly, “Sorry I didn’t hear you clearly just now. Who did you say can’t?”

Wan Lei, “...”


OMG!! How sexy is gentle, bookish Yu Mingjie when he gets all crazy manly and shows his sadistic tendencies!

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This World Has Gone Crazy Chapter 65 part2