The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere
Chapter 54 - 54 Why Don’t You Hurry Up Then?

54 Why Don’t You Hurry Up Then?

It was the same hotel, the same private room, the same waiter.

It was still a table full of dishes, all of which were Eldest Senior Brother’s favorite.

During the meal, the eldest brother sat on the chair without any care for his image.

The chopsticks in his hand jumped between the dishes without stopping as he gobbled down the food until his mouth was full of oily bits. His eating behavior was really bold and unrestrained.

It didn’t take long for him to finish all the dishes on the table. Seeing this, Ling Feng didn’t intend to continue eating. Eldest Senior Brother will move his chopsticks after he’s done eating.

After all, he ate too quickly, and he was almost used to it.

Sure enough, after eating, he called the waiter and ordered another round.

It was the same dish as before, but it was quickly served again.

The waiter saw that Senior Brother seemed to remember what happened yesterday, but his expression did not change. He was not too surprised.

Ling Feng sighed helplessly. “Senior brother is too familiar with the waiter.”

“Do you eat this much for every meal, Eldest Senior Brother?”

It wasn’t that Ling Feng couldn’t afford a table full of dishes if they were to eat for a few hours. How much time would they waste if they had to eat three meals a day? He must’ve wasted a lot of time at the dining table every day.

Before he spoke, Eldest Senior Brother picked up a tissue and wiped the oil off his face.

“Kid, look at what you’re saying. I can only eat to my heart’s content in the city, but after I return to school, I can only eat inedia pills. Eating one of those things will keep me from feeling hungry for the whole day.”

“Although there are many different flavors of inedia pill, and I can also eat some vicious beast meat occasionally to replenish my energy, I’m sick of having it every day.

“The food in this small city is too low-level. The energy is not enough. I need to eat something else to replenish my energy.”

So it was like this!

Ling Feng finally understood. However, Eldest Senior Brother had eaten in such a wild and uninhibited way as if he was an incarnation of a hungry ghost. It was now obvious that the food in school must’ve been really awful.

Outside the door…

The waiter knocked twice and came in.

“Customer, there are more dishes.”

The dishes on the table had already been refurbished. Ling Feng did not wait any longer and ate wildly with his eldest senior brother.

The food in this hotel was first-class.

While the two were eating and drinking like crazy, something big happened in Ji City.

“Is what you said true? An SS-ranked Shi Yifeng was actually defeated by an A-rank? Isn’t this too unbelievable?”

“What A-rank? he’s already an S-rank, and the test seems to have just been refurbished.”

“I know about this. I heard that the person who defeated him was a B-rank at first, but he actually transformed twice in a month.”

“Oh my God, he’s so powerful. He’s so lucky.”

Everyone talked about everything, and when they talked about Ling Feng, it was as if there was no difference from usual.

They were either gossiping or watching the fun. In any case, they were all from the perspective of bystanders.

They usually wouldn’t take the initiative to hunt. Their days were empty, and their own talents were very low. However, as long as they could live a good life, they didn’t have too many requirements.

The only pity was that life was too dull. Every day was basically the same, working early and late.

When they talked about Ling Feng’s achievements, they couldn’t help but be envious. If they could do it themselves, that would be great. However, they didn’t have the courage to try to walk out of their comfort zone.

It had to be said that Shi Yifeng was indeed a genius. His luck was good, and even the heavens gave him food.

Hence, they couldn’t understand the mentality of such a person.

However, Ling Feng was like them. His level wasn’t high, but he transformed into someone they envied. This made him a very encouraging role model.

A good number of people also had their hearts filled with admiration, in awe of Ling Feng.

Some were envious, while others didn’t care at all. Some even thought that Ling Feng was simply lucky to be able to upgrade and transform.

Other than these, the other forces all had their eyes on Ling Feng. After investigating his background, they planned to recruit him.

At the Liu family’s mansion.

The Liu family was one of the few big families in Ji City. The fields under the name of the Liu group included medical equipment and education. They dabbled in a wide range of businesses and had a remarkable status and reputation in the city.

At this very moment.

In the meeting room of the Liu family mansion, the head of the Liu family had a serious expression on his face after reading Ling Feng’s message.

After a long while.

He raised his head and looked around.

“According to Ling Feng’s information, he was an orphan when he was born. He grew up in a welfare home and left when he was five. Although he lived on subsidies, he awakened a B-rank talent when he came of age. Today, in the school, he defeated the SS-ranked Shi Yifeng, who came to provoke the students of the second high school. The other party was arrogant, and although his combat strength was not low, Ling Feng still easily defeated him.”

The silence was palpable the moment he finished speaking.

“Such a person is a true genius,” the clan head sighed.

“Moreover, after two continuous metamorphoses, his combat strength has reached tier three, and he defeated an SS-rank expert. It is equivalent to a fledgling defeating an eagle.

“Now, I order you to continue investigating Ling Feng. Track him down and analyze everything about him. Get close to him and recruit him.

“I’m guessing that there should be other forces that also have their eyes on him. Do you have any good suggestions for this? It’s enough to make him give up other choices and choose us.”

“Whether it’s money or people, as long as we have it, we’ll agree. It’s our luck to be able to recruit a genius like him.

Not only was big Liu the head of the family, but he was also the group’s chairman. The weight of his words was obvious.

No one at the scene dared to refute him, and no one could shake his prestige.


In front of him, the Liu family and the company’s higher-ups could only nod and accept the order.

At that moment, the Bai family also started to take action.

As the Bai family’s head, Bai Qianlang took a sip of wine to suppress the loneliness of his son leaving him.

Suddenly, an ancient voice could be heard.

When he heard the voice, he was startled and could not help but recall the bad memories of his childhood.

“Why are you here, Dad?”

The white-haired man looked at the person behind him. It was an old man with a white beard. He wore a serious expression and held a walking stick in his hand. He walked over with a dignified expression.

The old man’s face was solemn, without a trace of a smile.

She glanced at the food on the table and snorted unhappily.

“You’ve almost squandered this family, and I still can’t come?”


“What are you saying, Dad? I’m wrong as a senior, but I still have you, a junior, to help me! What’s the matter?” The white-haired man spoke carefully, afraid that he would make the old man unhappy.

His father had lectured him for his naughtiness since he was a child. Now afraid of his father and having a shadow in his heart, he was actually used to it.

“Do you know Ling Feng?”

“Ling Feng? Three high school students? He seems to be friends with Xiaosa.”

“That’s right. He’s from the three high schools.”

“I know this person. His personal ability is not bad, whether it’s talent or combat strength. This person has saved our Xiaosa’s life. Last time, when the Li family wanted to make a move on this kid, I rushed over after I found out. Why the sudden mention of him?”

Hearing this, the old man was displeased.

“How long have you not been in contact with the outside world?”

“What are you saying? I only drank a little wine yesterday and slept the whole day.”

“Just now, Ling Feng jumped levels and defeated an SS-rank student from the second high school, Shi Yifeng. Furthermore, Ling Feng is now an S-rank.”

What was going on? What happened?

This is impossible!

It was quite difficult to defeat someone of a higher level! This was too shocking.

Furthermore, this kid had probably transformed twice in a month. This was absolutely impossible.

The old man was furious.

“Your thoughts are written all over your face. You’re so shocked that you don’t even look like the head of the family. Didn’t I tell you to stay calm when you encounter something? Look at your embarrassing face!”

The white-haired man was helpless. He quickly admitted his mistake. “Yes, yes, yes. Dad, you’re right. I understand what you mean. You want the Bai family to recruit him. Don’t worry! Xiaosa has a good relationship with Lingfeng, so there’s still hope!”

“Hurry up and go then!”

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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere Chapter 54 - 54 Why Don’t You Hurry Up Then?