The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere
Chapter 47 - 47 Let’s Go To Your House After Dinner

47 Let’s Go To Your House After Dinner

At the hotel.

There was a large table full of sumptuous dishes, and the eldest brother ate with great relish. Soon, there was nothing left. He raised his hand and called for the waiter, “Sister, do it again!”

Ling Feng sighed. His senior brother looked like a hungry ghost. It was really scary in the middle of the night, and it was also very attractive. Looking at his embarrassing appearance, he wanted to hide in a crack in the ground.

She was just a waiter. Why did she have to claim that she was his relative?


Did she think this was a club?

The waiter rushed over without any displeasure. As a waiter here, she had seen all kinds of people, so she was not surprised. Even if it was a weirder freak, she could deal with it calmly.

To put it nicely, it was calm, but to put it badly, it was numb!

Not long after, the hot dishes were served on the table. Eldest Brother began to sweep the table again. After a while, the dishes on the table were almost finished.

“Junior Brother, hurry up and eat! What are you doing? If you don’t eat now, there won’t be any left!” Eldest Brother’s mouth was full of food as he spoke indistinctly.

“I, I’m not hungry.” Ling Feng’s stomach began to churn after he finished speaking.

He had been hunting during the day and had not eaten anything until now. The energy in his body could maintain a certain amount of physical strength, but he could not replenish his nutrients, and he would get hungry.

“Haha, your stomach is more honest than your mouth. Hurry up and eat. We’ll go to your house after you’re done!” he mumbled.

“My house?” Ling Feng paused.

“Eldest Senior Brother, my house is small and can’t accommodate two people.”

“It’s no big deal. The sofa is enough for me to sleep on. Hurry up and eat. I only come out once a year. It’s a rare opportunity. Have you been to the red light district before?”

Ling Feng’s face turned red, and he quickly waved his hand in denial. “No! I’ve never been there!”

“Pfft, haha, I didn’t expect you to be a virgin. I’ll take you out to play when I have the chance. How about that?” These words were simply a temptation!

However, Ling Feng didn’t seem to be tempted at all.

I’m almost done. I won’t tease you anymore. It’s so comfortable to be full!

The two tables of luxurious food were swept clean. Eldest Senior Brother was indeed really powerful!

Ling Feng ate very little, less than half of what he ate.

“Sister, it’s time to pay!” As soon as he shouted, the master-like air of the eldest senior brother was instantly gone. Instead, he looked like a dandy young master.

The waiter came very quickly and took out the bill, placing it in front of Senior Brother.

Hello, this table is 9500 star-coins in total.

For this meal, Eldest brother had eaten half a year’s salary of an ordinary person. If it was in the past, Ling Feng would definitely be in pain. However, to the current him, it was not worth mentioning.

“Junior Brother, what are you standing there for? Pay the bill!” Eldest Senior Brother said with a smile.


“I’ll pay?”

Ling Feng looked at his eldest senior brother, speechless.

What kind of senior brother was this?

Eldest Senior Brother smiled and spread out his hands to show he had no money. He then looked at Ling Feng pitifully.

Ling Feng helplessly took out his wallet and paid.

It was really unexpected. Eldest Senior Brother was a strong person, but he had no silver in his hands. How could he survive?

Ling Feng was helpless.

After paying the bill, the two walked out of the hotel with their arms around each other’s shoulders. They could only be described as bad friends.

On the way back, the image of the senior brother in Ling Feng’s heart as a powerful expert completely disappeared.

Originally, he had thought of his eldest senior brother as a cold, handsome, quiet, and powerful senior brother. But at this moment, he finally saw it clearly. This was simply a young master who spent money extravagantly and did not care about his image.

When they reached home, Ling Feng gently opened the door, turned around, and threw Eldest Senior Brother onto the bed.

He also collapsed on the sofa in exhaustion and fell into a deep sleep not long after.

The next morning.

Ding dong!

The sound of his watch was deafening. Ling Feng frowned and struggled to open his eyes. He raised his hand and saw that it was a message from the class group chat.

“So noisy! Can’t you let me sleep!”

Ling Feng was just about to turn it off when he suddenly saw the message display and was instantly awakened.

“Breaking news! That Shi Yifeng from the second high came to our third high and even set up the stage. He said he’s going to beat up all the people from our third high, and the scene will definitely be even more exciting!”

“F*ck, is this for real? but if I had an SS-Rank talent, I would definitely be as arrogant as him.”

“By the way, what’s going on with Su Ranran? it’s been a while. Why hasn’t she responded yet? Could it be that she’s scared?”

“Su Ranran, huh? she probably hasn’t reached Tier 3 yet, right? she probably can’t beat that Shi Yifeng, so it’s only natural for her to avoid him!”

Ling Feng’s brows furrowed. What the hell did they know anyway?

He quickly got up and glanced at his eldest senior brother, who was in a deep sleep. He turned around and went into the bathroom to wash up, then went out.

“Su Ranran is still in seclusion. I’ll take Shi Yifeng down!”

His tone was firm as he headed straight for the school.

Outside the school, many people were heading straight for the third high school, probably to watch the fun.

Ling Feng took out the skill crystal and placed it between his eyebrows.


This skill crystal was obtained when he killed the mountain python. He did not have time to look at it carefully at that time.

The Mountain Rock Arm had the ability to summon the power of the mountain rocks. When the power was attached to the arm, it could greatly increase its strength and defense.

In the next second, Ling Feng learned the skill, but he was not very familiar with it and could only operate it with simple movements.

He tried to release the skill, and in an instant, he felt a layer of armor gather on his arm, covering it completely.

Moreover, the strength of his arm seemed to have doubled, as if it had the power to break rocks and break the sky.

This skill was awesome!

With this buff, defeating Shi Yifeng would not be difficult.

In the competition arena.

Shi Yifeng stood there like a mighty mountain, his entire body emitting golden light. A person emitting a white light was hitting him, but Shi Yifeng did not feel it, allowing the other party to do as he pleased.

“This is f*cking abnormal! Was its defense so powerful? Liu Qi had an S-Rank talent, Astral Equipment! It actually couldn’t break his defense.”

The white light brat roared loudly. The white light turned red, and his speed increased greatly. However, Shi Yifeng did not panic in the slightest, and he was still the same as before.


The surrounding audience was stunned.

“This is f*cking abnormal! Was its defense so powerful? Liu Qi had an S-Rank talent, Astral Equipment! It actually couldn’t break his defense. What the hell!”

“Looks like it won’t work. Liu Qi’s attack power is one of the best among the S-Rank awakened. If even he can’t break through Shi Yifeng’s defense, who else can?”

“Or, if Shi Yifeng leaves the ground, he should have a chance because his innate attribute of being the child of the earth will continuously recover his stamina and increase his attributes.”

“However, this Shi Yifeng is tightly connected to the ground. How can he separate himself from the ground? Unless someone has immense strength, it’s impossible!”

“If Su Ranran was here, she might be able to do it. Thunderlord can fight those of a higher realm. Who knows, she might be able to do it!”

“But no one can contact her!”


There was a loud bang.

Shi Yifeng slapped Liu Qi with the power of the earth element, sending him flying.

Liu Qi fell to the ground, spitting out blood and breathing weakly.

“Who’s next?” Shi Yifeng shouted loudly, his sharp eyes sweeping the surroundings. Not only was his gaze filled with ridicule, but it also contained a look of disdain for everyone here.

This wave of people watching the battle was all afraid. No one dared to step forward. Death.

However, no one dared to say anything. Some of them even wanted to beat him up and destroy his prestige.

“I’m next!”

The person who responded was a handsome young man. He was dressed in ancient Chinese clothing and had a handsome smile.

“Jiang Fan? It’s Jiang Fan!”

“Jiang Fan’s talent is the gas source! Not only can he control gas, but he’s already reached Rank 2 and is about to reach Rank 3. There might be hope!”

“If his talent and combat power are not as good as his opponent’s, it’s very difficult to win. He probably intends to use the wheel battle to exhaust his opponent in a protracted battle!

Below him, more than ten S-Rank awakened ones were eyeing Shi Yifeng covetously. They could not wait to beat him up.

Their original plan was to attack one by one and exhaust the other party. Shi Yifeng was also an ordinary person, and it was impossible for his battle prowess not to decrease for a long time. Thus, taking turns to fight was an extremely good strategy.


As soon as that person went up, he was attacked by a strong gravitational force.

Originally flying in the air, he was actually forcefully dragged down by this force, almost falling miserably.

Shi Yifeng laughed heartily. “As the child of the earth, even if I don’t have any talent in gravity, being proficient in the techniques of gravity isn’t something difficult. It just so happens that I can counter you!”

That person’s face was deathly pale. Shi Yifeng had weakened his gravitational force, and he had lost without even fighting.

“Hurry up and get lost!” Shi Yifeng laughed coldly. He didn’t care about this trash at all.

He raised his hand, and his Golden Arm smacked the other party away.

“Who else wants to try?”

“Hehe, I will!”

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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere Chapter 47 - 47 Let’s Go To Your House After Dinner