You Want To Play With Me, Assassin?

Outside the city.

Just as Ling Feng and Su Ranran were about to return to the city, Ling Feng’s watch suddenly beeped. He turned on his watch and saw a message from Bai Xiaosa.

After checking it out curiously, he frowned.

“Someone is trying to assassinate you. Remember to be careful!”

Someone actually wanted to assassinate him? Ling Feng looked around warily. When he saw Su Ranran, he immediately buried the murderous intent in his heart.

“Su Ranran, you can go back first today. I still have something to do, so I’ll be back later.”

“What is it? How about I accompany you?” Su Ranran asked, puzzled.

“It’s fine, no need. I suddenly had some enlightenment. While it’s still early, I’m going to find a place to consolidate it. I won’t forget what you told me, so I’ll definitely be more stable. Don’t worry!” Ling Feng said with a smile.

After that, Su Ranran nodded. However, it seemed that she still did not want to leave at first, probably afraid that something would happen to Ling Feng.

However, after Ling Feng’s persuasion, Su Ranran finally decided to leave.

Ling Feng, on the other hand, was observing the surroundings. He knew that students like Su Ranran, who had been accepted into the top ten academies in advance, would have guardians around them.

If Su Ranran were to be dragged into this matter, she would definitely be able to get through it safely. However, Ling Feng did not want that to happen.

After all, this matter was his own business and had little to do with her. Moreover, he didn’t want to drag her into this assassination.

Besides, it wasn’t like he couldn’t solve this problem himself. He could even use this opportunity to become stronger, so there was no need to drag her into this.

After Su Ranran left, Ling Feng did not return to the city. Instead, he turned around and ran towards Undead Valley.

On the way, Ling Feng opened his watch and sent a message to Bai Xiaosa.

“What’s an assassin’s combat strength?”

“The lowest is Tier 2, and the highest is Tier 4. There are 16 of them in total, with the most Tier 2, six Tier 3, and only one Tier 4. I just checked clearly. The enemy’s combat power is very high. Even if their talents are only B-rank, you must be careful!”

Bai Xiaosa’s reply came very quickly, and then Ling Feng replied, “Thank you so much for your information. I owe you a favor!”

“Why are you saying all this? We almost became sworn brothers. Don’t worry, I’ve already asked my father to save you. Don’t go back to the city yet. My father will definitely have a way.”

“Help me thank uncle.”

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome. You, on the other hand, must be careful.”

“I will. Don’t worry, I’ll make it back alive.”

“Alright, be careful!”


Ling Feng turned off his watch and ran towards the direction of Undead Valley. He no longer hid the killing intent in his eyes and arrived at the valley in a short while.

Standing there, Ling Feng looked forward indifferently. Then, twenty clones appeared behind him. Today, he must break through to the third tier!

Ling Feng silently set a goal for himself. Then, he raised the Tang Dao in his hand and distributed it to his clone, who also rushed forward.

The clones quickly split into four teams, led by Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, and Number 4. They split into four teams and charged in four directions.

Number 1 and Number 2 were the first to be summoned, so their changes were the greatest. Their eyes were extremely lively, and their strength was also very strong. Ling Feng was looking forward to the future development of these two avatars.

Number 3 and Number 4 were slightly weaker than Number 1 and Number 2, but they were much better than the other clones and could barely be the team leaders.

The four teams of late-stage Tier 2 avatars could be said to be sweeping across the undead Valley. No one could stop them, and they could kill gods in their way!

The highest combat strength of the foreign tribe in the Undead Valley was only at Tier 2. They had no way of resisting the experienced clone, who had the combat strength of an advanced Tier 2.

Ling Feng was like a god of death, constantly shuttling through the Undead Valley. Everywhere he went, the ground was covered with bones.

“Congratulations on killing the Silver-Tier Skeletal Warrior. You have gained 20 level points!”

“Congratulations on killing the Golden Skeleton Warrior. You have gained 50 level points!”

“Congratulations on killing The Dark Knight, level points +100!”


The system’s notifications kept echoing in his mind. The alien races that were living on the outer perimeter were quickly killed by Ling Feng.

He could only order his clone to enter the undead valley.

In the past, Ling Feng definitely wouldn’t dare to go deep in because it was too dangerous. But now, his combat strength had been greatly improved, so he could try to go deep.

The surrounding environment quickly changed. There were rocks everywhere, and there were bones in the cracks. Crows were flying in the air, giving people a feeling of death.

Before Ling Feng came in, the place was extremely quiet, with only the sound of crows.

However, after Ling Feng entered, everything around him changed. The sleeping undead were awakened by his intrusion and climbed out of the cracks one by one.

The soul-fire that was revealed was burning fiercely, as if it represented their current anger.

All of them charged towards Ling Feng’s clone.

Ling Feng wasn’t a kind person either. Number one held the Tang sword and wasn’t afraid of the undead at all.

In an instant, a blue light appeared on the edge of the burning blade. Energy slash!

The rest of the clones also followed Number one’s example, holding Tang dao and using energy slashes the moment they rushed out.

the newly awakened undead fell into a deep sleep again under the powerful attack.

“Congratulations on killing Bonehead. You have gained 100 level-up points!”

“Congratulations on killing the Platinum Skeleton Warrior. You have gained 70 level points!”

“Congratulations on killing the red-robed skeletal wizard. Level points +80!”

“Congratulations on killing the green corpse frost, level +120!”


A variety of names appeared in Ling Feng’s system prompt. From this change, it could be seen that there were more undead creatures here, and there were more types.

It could be said that this was Ling Feng’s blessing. Those clones were simply killing madly, and their eyes were shining.

As for Ling Feng, he was hiding at the side, not participating in the battle at all. Instead, he was thinking about the assassin incident that was about to happen. At first, he planned to raise his combat strength to Tier 3. When there was a change in the situation, he would then use one heart as one.

At that time, his strength would be more or less on par with an ordinary Tier 4 combatant. Of course, it would also have to be an ordinary talent. Otherwise, he would not be able to fight them.

Therefore, after he reached the third step, he only needed to pay attention to the fourth step.

As for the mastermind, Ling Feng had an answer in his heart. Perhaps it was Li Cong and Li Wu. he had only offended them and the only one who had such power was the li family.

Inside the city, they didn’t dare to make a move, but outside the city, such things were common.

At Rocky Hill...

A dozen or so assassins were hiding there, constantly observing the surroundings. Once there were any changes, they would act at once.

Suddenly, a young girl entered their line of sight. Just as they were about to make a move, they heard one of them say, ”

“Don’t do anything. This is Su Ranran, the prodigy from the third high school. She’s an SS-rank and has been accepted by the school of elements in advance. She must have a guardian with her. If we do anything, we’ll be in danger.”


Upon hearing this, the man’s back immediately broke out in a cold sweat. Fortunately, someone had reminded him. Otherwise, if he had fought, it would have been a big problem.

After Su Ranran left, they waited for a few more hours, but Ling Feng still did not appear. They started to get anxious.

“Wait, why isn’t Ling Feng here yet?”

“Yeah, don’t tell me he took a detour?”

“No, someone in the city has sent me a message. the target hasn’t returned to the city yet.”

“Then what’s going on? Isn’t he afraid of not returning to the city at night?”

“Just wait and see. Wouldn’t it be easier if we die outside the city?”

The few of them quieted down again and just lay there, waiting for Ling Feng’s arrival.

However, after a few hours, there was still no sign of Ling Feng. It was only when the sky started to turn white that everyone stared at each other for an entire night. However, the target still did not appear!

“Damn it! Does that kid know that someone tried to assassinate him?”

“I think so. otherwise, he would have returned to the city long ago. Besides, Su Ranran returned to the city alone.”

“That kid is really stupid. If Su Ranran was around, we might have to be a little afraid. But he sent her away. Heh.”

The few of them were already fighting with each other. they were also extremely angry. If it were any other time, they would definitely consider giving up on this mission because they were in a very bad state.

However, they also investigated Ling Feng’s combat strength. He was only at tier two. To them, they could kill him with a flip of their hands.

“Don’t think that you can torture us like this!”

At this time, in the undead Valley, Ling Feng was unscrupulously killing undead. The level points in the system were also constantly increasing.

As the head of a skeleton knight fell to the ground, the soul-fire was extinguished, and the surroundings were filled with skeletons. Ling Feng’s mouth also revealed a trace of a smile.

“Upgrade combat strength!”

“100000 upgrade points will be consumed. Do you want to upgrade?”


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